Meta has just released Quest Pro and is already lowering the price

Meta has just released Quest Pro and is already lowering the price

This does not bode well for Meta Quest Pro: Meta is testing a drastic price reduction in two markets. What are the reasons?

In the largest VR market, the USA, Meta Quest Pro currently costs only $1,100 instead of $1,500. This is a price reduction of over 25 percent. The new price is valid for one week.

The headset is also currently available at a lower price in the United Kingdom: It costs £1,300 instead of £1,500. This offer is valid for two weeks.

Nothing has changed for EU countries, including Germany. Meta Quest Pro still costs 1,800 Euros.

According to Brad Lynch (see tweet below), some buyers have the option to request a refund of the discounted amount.

Meta Quest Pro is likely a financial flop

The first price cut comes three months after the launch of Meta's first premium headset.

Quest Pro received mixed reviews from the press. There was much praise for the form factor, the sharpness, and clarity of the pancake lenses, and the new Touch Pro controllers.

Complaints were made about comfort, the quality of the passthrough mode, the outdated processor, and the lack of software and applications. According to many reviewers, the Meta Quest Pro does not justify the high price.

The device arrived a year too late and is more of a developer's kit than a mature product. The Meta Quest 3, which will be released later this year, should surpass the Meta Quest Pro in terms of computing power and have the same lenses at a much better price/performance ratio.

It's ironic that the Meta Quest 2 has seen a price increase after almost two years on the market, while the Meta Quest Pro is being aggressively discounted after just three months. It is likely that poor reviews were followed by poor sales.

More competition for Meta

On February 22, 2023, the Playstation VR 2 will be released, which, together with the Playstation 5, will cost about the same as the Meta Quest Pro currently costs in the U.S., but will offer significantly more power and value for VR gamers.

HTC's answer to the Meta Quest Pro follows a month later: the Vive XR Elite, which will cost $1,100, but has an even slower processor and no stereo video pass-through.

Then there's Apple's headset, which persistent rumors suggest will be unveiled and released later this year. Apple reporter Gurman believes that the Apple headset is technically far superior to other devices, but could still flounder.

The headset market may look very different in a year's time than it does today. This first price drop may not be the last.

Sources: CNET