A leaker claims to know the specs of Meta Quest 3 Lite

A leaker claims to know the specs of Meta Quest 3 Lite

VR enthusiast Luna claims to have learned the key specs of Meta Quest 3 Lite, an upcoming cheaper version of Quest 3.


There are credible reports that Meta will release a cheaper version of Quest 3 in 2024 to replace the Quest 2, which could be called Quest 3 Lite or Quest 3S.

Meta has not announced anything yet and is selling Quest 2 at the lowest price ever, apparently to clear out stock.

Over the weekend, VR enthusiast Luna asked Quest developers via X to submit information about the Meta Quest 3 Lite developer kit, apparently with success.

Luna writes on X: "I have seen multiple devkits and spoken to several people familiar with the device. Here are all the things I have learned and feel comfortable sharing in a single infographic."


The infographic includes the following specifications:

  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
  • Display: Single Fast-Switch LCD with 1,832 by 1,920 pixels per eye (20 PPD)
  • Frame rate: 90/120 Hertz
  • Lenses: Fresnel with 3-Position IPD/IAD adjustment and Quest 2 style glasses spacer
  • Sensors: 4 x IR tracking cameras, 2 x 4 MP (18 PPD) RGB passthrough cameras, 2 x IR illuminators for depth sensing
  • Controller: Touch Plus Controller
  • Software features: Same as Meta Quest 3 (space setup, inside-out body tracking, multimodal hand tracking)

Luna does not mention the price, the final product name or the release window.


Quest 3 Lite: Not much worse than Quest 3?

If these specifications are real, then the device does not lose much compared to Quest 3:

  • The resolution would be 30 percent lower (same as Quest 2), the lenses would be inferior (Fresnel instead of pancake lenses), and the field of view would be slightly narrower. The frame rate would remain identical to Quest 2 and 3.
  • The form factor would likely be similar to Quest 2 (bulkier than Quest 3) due to the Fresnel lenses.
  • Quest 3 Lite would use the same chipset as Quest 3, which is more than as powerful as Quest 2's chipset.
  • The passthrough cameras would have exactly the same specs on paper.
  • Quest 3 Lite would have the same ringless controllers as Quest 3.
  • The cheaper headset would have 2 IR illuminators instead of a single depth sensor. What exactly this means remains to be seen. In any case, there is feature parity at the software level according to Luna.

These specifications would be exceptional for a device estimated to cost $300, especially considering that Meta Quest 3 costs $500.

A comparison of the alleged Quest 3 Lite specs with Quest 2 and Quest 3.

A comparison of the alleged Quest 3 Lite specs with Quest 2 and Quest 3. | Bild: MIXED