Meta slashes accessory prices as Quest 2 price remains at historic low

Meta slashes accessory prices as Quest 2 price remains at historic low

The clearance sale continues: Meta is keeping the lower price of Quest 2 and is now aggressively slashing prices on accessories as well.


Last month, Meta temporarily lowered the price of the Quest 2 base model with 128GB of storage from $250 to $200. Meta has now announced that the historically low price is permanent. The Quest 2 256GB version has not been available for some time.

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Quest 2 accessories have also been reduced in price:

  • Elite Strap: $24.99 USD instead of $49.99 USD
  • Elite Strap with Battery: $44.99 USD instead of $89.99 USD
  • Carrying Case: $19.99 USD instead of $44.99 USD
  • Active Pack: $29.99 USD instead of $59.99 USD
  • Fit Pack: $19.99 USD instead of $39.99 USD

Quest 2 successor may not be far off

This is the second permanent price reduction on the Quest 2 base model and accessories since the beginning of the year. The intent is clear: Meta is clearing out the warehouses before a new generation of the more affordable Quest 2 is announced.

According to credible reports, a new Meta Quest will be released later this year to replace the Quest 2. The headset, which could be called Quest 3 Lite or Quest 3S, is rumored to have the same chip as the Quest 3, but the fresnel lenses and single display solution of the Quest 2 to achieve a lower price point of around $300. The Quest 3 costs $500.


That means Quest 2 may be outdated soon. If you want to buy a future-proof device that will support all new VR games in three to four years, you should be patient. Meta itself has not confirmed these reports or announced a new Quest product. But the fact that the 256GB version is no longer being sold and the price of the 128GB version continues to drop is a strong indication that a successor is on its way.

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