Playstation VR 2: How to try VR games for free with PS Plus

Playstation VR 2: How to try VR games for free with PS Plus

Sony has a number of VR games on the PlayStation Store that you can try out for free if you have a PS Plus subscription. Read on to find out how it works and which titles are currently available.

Sony's Playstation Plus subscription service allows members to try the latest Playstation 5 games for a limited time without having to buy them outright. This is also available for selected Playstation VR 2 games.

This service is particularly interesting for VR newcomers, as the question often arises as to which game is the right one for the most enjoyable first experience, especially when getting started with VR. Sony offers a good selection of different genres in the currently available trials. So be sure to check them out.

To find out how to find the trials in the nested PS Plus menu and which ones are available, read this article.

How can I access the trial versions on PSVR 2?

To access the trial versions, you must be subscribed to the premium level of Sony's Playstation Plus paid subscription service. In the Playstation Plus menu of the smartphone app or directly on the console, you will find the "Games trials" tab. There, select "Show all" and set the filter at the top right under "Platform" to "VR".

The trial versions are unlocked for up to one hour. Only the time you actively spend in the game is counted. During the trial period, you will have full access to the full version of the game. If you decide to purchase the game later, your save game will be transferred. As a PS Plus member, you may also receive a discount on the purchase price.

PSVR 2: These trial versions are currently available


Moss is a VR classic, having been released for Playstation VR in 2018. However, the game still impresses today with its beautifully designed game world. You control the Mouse Quill, acting as a virtual hand to move obstacles out of the way or manipulate the environment. The only drawback is perhaps the short playing time of four to six hours. Fortunately, there is now a sequel.


Moss: Book II

Moss: Book 2 continues the story of Quill the mouse and once again offers innovative game mechanics and a lot of heart. The second part also combines emotional moments with great level design and tricky puzzles, and is an excellent sequel overall. The fantastic narration by Marianne Graffam deserves special praise.


Demeo is a VR role-playing game for one to four VR players that combines strategic depth and fantasy elements. Developed by Resolution Games, the VR game simulates a tabletop game setting and brings detailed characters and monsters to life.

At the beginning, you choose one of four character classes and fight your way through a dungeon full of traps and monsters. An exciting boss battle awaits at the end of each map. Demeo features over 60 game cards and special abilities to use in the tactical round battles. New content has been added to the game since its release. With Demeo Battles, there is now also an action-packed PvP offshoot.


Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice

Last year, Fast Travel Games released Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice, the first major VR game set in the World of Darkness pen-and-paper role-playing game. As the vampire “Justice”, you must uncover a conspiracy in Venice, always operating in the shadows.

The gameplay offers different strategies to complete the missions, with brute force rarely leading to the goal. The main goal is to use various stealth skills, eliminate enemies and solve small puzzles. The atmospheric storyline lasts well over ten hours.

Pixel Ripped 1978

The VR game Pixel Ripped 1978 takes you back to the Atari era of the 1970s. You take on the role of Barbara, an Atari developer who builds a tech glove to transport herself into a digital world and fix bugs in her game developments.

Barbara's workplace is modeled after the legendary Atari offices in Sunnyvale. There, you can immerse yourself in Barbara's game worlds, which are peppered with numerous references to video game history.


The self-deprecating Gorn is one of the bloodiest VR games for Playstation VR 2. Developed by Free Lives, the brawler lets you play as a gladiator in arena fights, tearing your opponents apart almost at will. However, the over-the-top violence is presented in a less realistic comic book style, making it safe for those with a weak stomach.


Townsmen VR

Townsmen VR is a classic city-building game in virtual reality that mixes elements of Black & White and The Settlers. As a kind of deity, you have to lead a group of English settlers through a medieval island world. You build roads and buildings, mine resources, assign jobs and defend your settlement against pesky attackers.

The island environment features a beautifully animated and detailed world. Add to that intuitive controls and a wide variety of buildings and professions. The campaign maps are varied and exciting, and the story for the 15 levels is told in a humorous way.

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