Action RPG Legendary Tales is a hit with PSVR 2 players

Action RPG Legendary Tales is a hit with PSVR 2 players

The co-op dungeon crawler Legendary Tales clearly struck a chord with PSVR 2 players and was one of the most downloaded games last month.


The Playstation Store top downloads are released once a month and give an idea of the sales success of the listed VR games compared to others. Most PSVR 2 titles are only available as digital downloads.

Below are the top downloads for February 2024, broken down by North America and EU regions:

Table with rankings of the PSVR 2 top downloads in the USA/Canada and Europe.

February 2024's top rankings in North America and Europe. | Screenshot: MIXED


February marked the first anniversary of the Playstation VR 2. In terms of new VR games, it was certainly not the strongest month, as only a few new titles were released. Of all the PSVR 2 titles released in February, only Legendary Tales made it into the top downloads, at #1 in North America and #3 in Europe.

Legendary Tales is a dungeon crawler for up to four players that features physics-based combat and magic, a crafting system, and skill trees for your character.


The list of co-op RPGs for Playstation VR 2 is short, so Legendary Tales fills a void. The fact that it is one of the most expensive PSVR 2 games on the Playstation Store at $55 has apparently not deterred customers from buying it.


Legendary Tales is also available on Steam. The PC VR version left Early Access with the release of the PSVR 2 version. If you are looking for an alternative on Meta Quest, we can fully recommend Dungeons of Eternity.

The high ranking of ForeVR Bowl in Europe is somewhat surprising as the game already released late last year.

The other places are occupied by the usual evergreens like Beat Saber, Pavlov and Job Simulator. Newer titles include Among Us VR (December 2023), Arizona Sunshine 2 (December 2023), Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 (December 2023), and Ultrawings 2 (January 2024).


Want to see what March has in store? Check out our list of new PSVR 2 releases.

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