All PSVR 2 games releasing in March 2024

All PSVR 2 games releasing in March 2024

What does March have in store for Playstation VR 2? The following VR titles will be released for Sony's VR headset this month.

The VR games are listed in chronological order according to their release date. Occasionally, we also include DLCs.

Please note that the following list is not necessarily complete, as some VR games may be announced later in the month or pushed to the next month.

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Rainbow Reactor: Fusion (March 1)

Official description:

Clock in to the Rainbow Reactor, a fast-moving VR adventure that fuses story-driven exploration with frantic color-matching gameplay. Explore a sprawling, forgotten factory that produced the cleanest energy around. Once operated by the eccentric Alfred Luzian von Hoffenhasselbrock, the Reactor is filled with clues, secrets and grumpy robots! Can you clean up this mess, solve the mystery of Alfred's disappearance and bring the color back to the Rainbow Reactor?

Rainbow Reactor was released on Steam in 2019 and on the Meta Quest Store in 2021. The PSVR 2 version is a remaster with improved graphics.

Beat Saber: Daft Punk Music Pack (March 7)

Official description:

With a legacy spanning three decades, Daft Punk is one of the world’s most influential electronic music acts. And soon, you’ll be able to slash to their synthesized beats with the upcoming launch of the Daft Punk Music Pack.

The track list will be announced on March 7.

OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story (March 7)

Official description:

Step into the shoes of George Foster, a fearless investigator and companion of Mike Goreng, who ventures into the mansion after the shocking events of the first game. However, what he encounters is far more sinister than anticipated.

As you delve into the dark depths of the mansion, you will face the malevolent presence of Mike Goreng, your former companion who has now become a ruthless enemy. Utilize the advancements of virtual reality technology to fully immerse yourself in the horror, feeling every chill and racing heartbeat.

There is currently no trailer for OVRDARK: A Do Not Open Story.

Walkabout Mini Golf: Ice Lair DLC (March 7)

Official description:

Are you prepared to slide into Ice Lair? Carved into an arctic glacier lies a brutalist subterranean hideout cloaking an ice-cold plot against humanity. In this next installment of the Evil Lair series, your mission is to putt through the icy headquarters of a former scientist mastermind as you attempt to stop her colony of puffin henchmen intent on perfecting their freeze-ray technology...

There's no trailer yet for this DLC.

Akka Arrh (March 8)

Official description:

This modern take from the fine developers at Llamasoft combines the intrigue of an incredibly rare Atari arcade prototype with a unique creative vision that delivers a wave shooter that is insanely addictive. Akka Arrh drips with Minter’s sense of humor, love of psychedelic color, and ability to create games that are a joy to play.

The following trailer shows the PS4 version released in 2023. The new version supports PS5 and PSVR 2.

Stilt (March 8)

Official Description:


Stilt is a colorful, stunning VR platformer game that takes inspiration from classic platformers. Use your quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to progress through the levels, collecting lost gift packages and stamps along the way. With your wits and stilts, you can handle any challenge: pass chasms, avoid traps, break things and smack creatures. Find power-ups to upgrade your stilts and become the ultimate stilt master!

System Critical 2 (March 8)

Official description:

System Critical 2 is bigger & badder than ever before! Get ready to experience a platformer shooter like no other in VR. Blast your arm cannon and use guns, melee weapons, grenades,& shields to make your way through the carefully crafted levels with epic boss battles and tons of enemies to kill.

System Critical 2 has already been released on Steam and in the App Lab.

Little Cities: Bigger! (March 12)

Official description:

Little Cities: Bigger! reimagines classic city building from the ground-up for VR - with a cozy colourful twist!

Take on a vibrant multi-island campaign of uniquely rewarding creative challenges, balancing resources, population happiness and a slew of dynamic natural disasters (…and the occasional Yeti!). Or, relax into the endless cozy creativity of Sandbox Mode – crafting, drawing and finessing your dream islands completely from scratch.

Little Cities has already been released for Meta Quest. The PSVR 2 version includes all previous updates and the Snowy Islands DLC, and features improved graphics and haptic effects.

Paint the Town Red VR (March 14)

Official description:

Paint the Town Red VR brings the chaotic first person melee combat into VR with unprecedented control. A fully immersive experience that places you directly into the world of Paint the Town Red, with a host of new features designed to take full advantage of VR.

Wield the vast array of weapons with a new level of precision. Execute jabs, swings, and slices with one-to-one precision as you fight for your survival. Dual-wield weapons for devastating combinations, and plan your attacks with the spatial awareness only possible in VR.

Madison VR (March 23)

Official description:

Madison is an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative.

With the help of an ‘possessed’ instant camera, connect the human world with the beyond. Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and most importantly, survive. Throughout your journey you are haunted by MADiSON, the ghost of an evil murderer, who is forcing you to continue a gory ritual started decades ago and commit abominable acts. She wants you to finish her sinister ceremony. Do you have the strength to resist?

Madison VR is a VR port of the 2022 game of the same name.

CyubeVR (no date yet)

Official description:

Step into the most visually stunning voxel universe, custom-crafted for the unparalleled immersion of VR. Explore a massive world, gather resources, naturally craft with your hands in 3D, and build anything you can imagine!

CyubeVR has been in early access on Steam since 2018. The Playstation Store states that the PSVR 2 version will be released in March, but this has not been officially confirmed (Update: The developer confirmed to MIXED that CyubeVR is scheduled to release in March).

The following trailer is from 2020 and shows the SteamVR version.

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