All PC VR games releasing in March 2024

All PC VR games releasing in March 2024

What does March have in store for SteamVR? The following VR titles will be released this month for PC VR- compatible headsets.

The games are listed in chronological order by release date and accompanied by an official game description. Occasionally, we also include DLCs and VR games released in Early Access.

Please note that the following list is a selection and is not necessarily complete. Some VR games are also announced or postponed during the month.

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Beat Saber: Daft Punk Music Pack (March 7)

Official description:

With a legacy spanning three decades, Daft Punk is one of the world’s most influential electronic music acts. And soon, you’ll be able to slash to their synthesized beats with the upcoming launch of the Daft Punk Music Pack.

The track list will be announced on March 7.

The Pirate Queen: A Forgotten Legend (March 7)

Official description:

This narrative-driven game invites you to step into the boots of the most feared and respected pirate of all time, Cheng Shih.

From humble beginnings to the helm of the infamous Red Flag Fleet, navigate through the trials and tribulations on the night Cheng Shih came to power.

Explore moonlit cabins, climb rigging, solve puzzles to outsmart adversaries and exercise your wit to seize control of the fleet.

Experience a captivating performance from renowned actress Lucy Liu, who brings Cheng Shih's character to life, and the direction of critically acclaimed filmmaker and creative director Eloise Singer.

Walkabout Mini Golf: Ice Lair DLC (March 7)

Official description:

Are you prepared to slide into Ice Lair? Carved into an arctic glacier lies a brutalist subterranean hideout cloaking an ice-cold plot against humanity. In this next installment of the Evil Lair series, your mission is to putt through the icy headquarters of a former scientist mastermind as you attempt to stop her colony of puffin henchmen intent on perfecting their freeze-ray technology...

There's no trailer yet for this DLC.

Stilt (March 8)

Official description:

Stilt is a colorful, stunning VR platformer game that takes inspiration from classic platformers. Use your quick reflexes and problem-solving skills to progress through the levels, collecting lost gift packages and stamps along the way. With your wits and stilts, you can handle any challenge: pass chasms, avoid traps, break things and smack creatures. Find power-ups to upgrade your stilts and become the ultimate stilt master!

Endless Wonder VR (March 12)

Official description:

Endless Wonder VR is a colorful VR platformer in which you will need to use unique sticks with unique abilities that can be combined in any way to complete a campaign consisting of various levels with a unique stylized environment, enemies and obstacles.


Endless Wonder VR launches into Early Access.

Astro Chef (March 14)

Official description:

Dive into Astro Chef, a VR culinary adventure like no other! Serve exotic dishes to unique alien customers and rebuild the restaurant's reputation. Master alien ingredients, tackle cosmic puzzles, and experience the thrill of VR cooking solo or in co-op mode.

Astro Chef has already been released in the App Lab and a PSVR 2 version will follow soon.

Paint the Town Red VR (March 14)

Official description:

Paint the Town Red VR brings the chaotic first person melee combat into VR with unprecedented control. A fully immersive experience that places you directly into the world of Paint the Town Red, with a host of new features designed to take full advantage of VR.

Wield the vast array of weapons with a new level of precision. Execute jabs, swings, and slices with one-to-one precision as you fight for your survival. Dual-wield weapons for devastating combinations, and plan your attacks with the spatial awareness only possible in VR.

Madison VR (March 23)

Official description:

Madison is an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative.

With the help of an ‘possessed’ instant camera, connect the human world with the beyond. Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and most importantly, survive. Throughout your journey you are haunted by MADiSON, the ghost of an evil murderer, who is forcing you to continue a gory ritual started decades ago and commit abominable acts. She wants you to finish her sinister ceremony. Do you have the strength to resist?

Madison VR is a VR port of the 2022 game of the same name.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate - Dual Edition (March 27)

This anime adventure from Tokyo-based studio MyDearest is set in a distant sci-fi future. You are a detective with the ability to turn back time and rewrite the past. Your mission is to solve an impossible crime and save the city of Astrum Close from destruction.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate has already been released for Meta Quest and Playstation VR 2.

Level Up Your Body (March 29)

Official description:

Hit or box objects to the beat, dodge obstacles. Enhance strength, endurance, coordination, reflexes. Dance to the rhythm and elevate in a virtual world.

LUYB launches into Early Access.