All PSVR 2 games releasing in February 2024

All PSVR 2 games releasing in February 2024

What does February have in store for Playstation VR 2? The following VR titles are coming to Sony's VR headset this month.

The following Playstation VR 2 games are listed in chronological order by release date and accompanied by an official game description.

Please note that the following list is not necessarily complete, as some VR games may be announced later in the month or pushed to the next month.

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Border Bots VR (February 8)

Border Bots VR is a puzzle simulation set on a future earth where AI is in control. As a human border agent, you begin a new role as a booth operator at an AI travel border. Interact and check over a variety of robots as they try to get through security. Some of their credentials might not be up to scratch, it's up to you to make sure they get the stamp of approval.

The game will be released simultaneously for Meta Quest and SteamVR.

Dead Hook (February 8)

Dead Hook is an explosive mix of rogue-like and shooter genre with brutal combat and captivating storytelling. Explore the elder planet Resaract and take on the role of Adam Stone, a mercenary, smuggler, thief, and devoted husband.

The game will be released simultaneously for SteamVR.

Legendary Tales (February 8)

Welcome to the Legendary Tales, a world of darkness, monsters and adventure. Are you ready to dive deep into the abyss and start your own quest to be the greatest adventurer there ever was?

Legendary Tales is a next generation ARPG for PSVR2, a dungeon crawling adventure where you and a group of friends can travel together into the dungeon and defeat monsters, collect loot and explore the mysteries of the corrupted land.


The SteamVR version is leaving Early Access at the same time.

Survivorman VR: The Descent (February 15)

Test your survival skills in Survivorman VR: The Descent, an authentic and dynamic adventure in the breathtaking Canadian Arctic. Face real-world extreme challenges that push your intellect, emotions, and physical abilities to the limit. Under the expert guidance of legendary survivalist Les Stroud, rely on your skills and resourcefulness to save your own life.

The game will be released simultaneously for SteamVR.

Madison VR (February 20)

Madison is an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative.

With the help of an ‘possessed’ instant camera, connect the human world with the beyond. Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and most importantly, survive. Throughout your journey you are haunted by MADiSON, the ghost of an evil murderer, who is forcing you to continue a gory ritual started decades ago and commit abominable acts. She wants you to finish her sinister ceremony. Do you have the strength to resist?

The game will be released simultaneously for SteamVR.

Operation Serpens (February 23)

Operation Serpens is a fast-paced action game inspired by the nostalgic arcade shooters and action movies of the past and refined into a real adrenaline-pumping VR experience.

Play the single player campaign, zombie survival mode, and co-op maps with up to four players, each mission bringing something new into play. So enlist now, pick your mission, and let the bullet-time flashbangs roll on the floor!