Best VR games 2022: These games could be a hit

Best VR games 2022: These games could be a hit

There are some promising VR games coming our way this year. Among them could be a few real hits.

The following VR games are listed in alphabetical order. Over the course of the year, more titles are usually added little by little.

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Among Us VR

Platform: Meta Quest (2), PC VR glasses, Playstation VR
Release date: 2022

For those who don’t know the original: Among Us puts you in the roles of crew members who have to get a broken spaceship up and running again. This wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t traitors among the crew, who sabotage the work and want to finish off the remaining crew members from behind. They win by finding and turning in the impostors or getting the spaceship ready for takeoff despite all the obstacles.

The VR port is being developed by Schell Games (I Expect You To Die 1 & 2, Until You Fall) and will be a standalone version of the game, played in 3D and from a first-person perspective.

Cities: VR & Little Cities

Platform: Meta Quest (2)
Release date: Spring 2022

Cities: VR is a VR port of the popular city-building simulation Cities: Skylines, developed by VR studio Fast Travel Games (Apex Construct, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife).

The VR game, optimized for Meta Quest 2, will feature a much smaller build area (2 x 2 km) than in the original game and comes without DLCs or mod support. Instead, it shines with a more impressive city experience.

“Our game gives an amazing sense of scale as players switch from a bird’s eye view to street level and see their neighborhoods come alive up close,” the studio promises.

Little Cities, another city-building sim developed from the ground up for VR, will be released in 2022 and, unlike Cities: VR, will also be coming out for the first Meta Quest.

Cosmonious High

Platform: Meta Quest (2), PC VR glasses
Release date: 2022

You know and love Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator? Then we have good news for you: Cosmonious High, another game from the US studio Owlchemy Labs, is coming in 2022.

You slip into the role of a new student who attends the alien high school of the same name. The school has to deal with all sorts of technical malfunctions and it’s up to you to find their cause. In the process, you’ll meet bizarre alien characters and gradually unlock superpowers that will help you fix the catastrophic defects.

Cosmonious High is said to be the largest interactive VR playground Owlchemy Labs has created to date. You’ll be able to interact with characters via new gestures as well as emojis, and cast fire and ice with your hands thanks to your superpowers. The studio’s colorful graphic style and wry humor are back.


Platform: PC VR glasses
Release date: Early 2022 (Early Access)

It’s the year 6042, and you find yourself on the distant planet of Ginkgo and inside the steel shells of disused, rusty robots.

With the goal of saving the Machine God, you board the Motherlode locomotive and set off on an epic train journey through harsh landscapes, pursued by motorized hordes gone mad, the so-called Gazzlers.

The rail shooter mixes hectic action, roguelite elements and a co-op mode for up to four players into an explosive mixture. After each death, you receive points that you can spend on new, explosive weapons and upgrades. This is very necessary because each Gazzler has individual abilities to finish you off.

With monster trucks, hippie vans, trikes, bulldozers, tanks and party buses, they roll through the desert and aggressively close in on you.

Gazzlers will be released in Early Access on Steam in 2022. According to current plans, the finished VR game will not be released until 2o23 for the Quest platform and Playstation VR.

GTA: San Andreas

Platform: Meta Quest 2
Release date: 2022 (?)

With Resident Evil 4, Meta succeeded in creating a congenial VR version of the classic game of the same name. Will GTA: San Andreas 2022 be a similar success?

The VR port of the open-world game was announced at the end of 2021 and is in development for many years. Let’s hope that it doesn’t crash-land like the Definitive Edition remasters. There are no images or videos yet.

Hitman 3 VR (PC VR version)

Platform: PC VR glasses
Release date: January 20, 2022

Hitman 3 VR, which was released for Playstation VR in 2021, failed to live up to its potential. The VR glasses’ aged tracking system and the lack of support for VR controllers are to blame. The PC VR version should fix these drawbacks and take the hitman experience to the next level.

The VR adaptation is playable from start to finish from a first-person perspective and features all of the trilogy’s locations. IO Interactive also promises new maps, game modes and more for 2022.

Horizon Worlds (EU launch)

Platform: Meta Quest 2
Release date: 2022?

With Horizon Worlds, Meta wants to lay the foundations of the Metaverse and compete with social VR platforms like Rec Room and VRChat. Users can design their own rooms and worlds.

The project was announced in the fall of 2019, and Horizon Worlds has been open to North American users since the end of 2021. It is not known when European Metaverse travelers will be able to join. In any case, we hope that it will finally start in 2022.

Lost Recipes

Platform: Meta Quest (2)
Release date: 2022

Schell Games (I Expect You To Die 1 & 2, Until You Fall) brings a cooking simulation of a different kind. Here, accuracy matters instead of speed. You have as much time as you want to prepare historically attested dishes from a wide variety of eras and cultures for ghosts of the ancient Greeks, Chinese and Mayans. This is relaxing and teaches you a thing or two about primitive cooking.

Moss: Book II

Platform: Playstation VR
Release date: Spring 2022

Moss is one of the best VR games to date and has sold over a million copies. And rightly so: Controlling the little mouse wanderer Quill through a pretty diorama landscape, solving puzzles and defeating enemies with her is tremendous fun and creates an emotional relationship between player and protagonist.

The second book continues the adventure seamlessly. The studio promises more complex puzzles, new game mechanics and a larger scope.


Platform: Meta Quest (2), PC VR glasses.
Release date: Spring 2022 (Early Access)

VR studio Joy Way made an impressive showing with Stride and Against. It’s not far-fetched that Outlier will be just as good.

In this roguelite shooter, you choose from various combat abilities and weapons and explore procedurally generated worlds. The combination of power-ups and modifiers makes each playthrough feel different.

Outlier will be released in Early Access on Steam in the first quarter of 2022. The regular PC VR release is currently scheduled for Winter 2022. A quest version is also planned.

The Last Clockwinder

Platform: Meta Quest 2, PC VR glasses
Release date: Summer 2022

The Last Clockwinder offers an interesting new game concept that can only be implemented in virtual reality.

You awaken in an ancient, mysterious machine built into the hollow trunk of a colossal tree. Your task is to get the complex mechanical clockwork running again. The only problem is that you can’t do it alone.

The tide turns when you find a pair of magic gloves that allow you to clone yourself. You perform a movement or an action and a mechanical alter ego is created that imitates you in a continuous loop.

If you skillfully connect your clones in series, you can build entire factories and complex devices. The mechanical helpers will assist you with tasks like farming and harvesting and are the key to repairing the machine.


Platform: Meta Quest (2), PC VR glasses
Release date: 2022

Ultimechs is the latest game from VR hitmakers Resolution Games, responsible for titles like Demeo and Blaston, and like the latter, is aimed at competitive players.

Here, you embody professional athletes who slip into highly developed mechs to shoot iron balls into the goal in virtual stadiums. You can use rocket-propelled fists to do this. According to Resolution Games, it takes speed, precision, and technique to win.

Ultrawings 2

Platform: Meta Quest (2), PC VR glasses
Release date: February 2022

The second part of the arcade flight simulation is said to be bigger, better, and more extensive than the original. The studio promises five unique aircraft, including a stunt plane, a rocket-powered glider, a jet, and a helicopter.

The VR game will feature more expansive, vibrant islands, more accurate physics, several hundred hand-crafted missions, and for the first time, a dogfight mode. You’ll also now be able to fly during the night, at dusk, and in the rain.


Platform: PC VR Glasses, Playstation VR
Release date: January 28, 2022

In this game, we take on the role of Asher Neumann, who must travel through time with the help of a chattering wristwatch to prevent the destruction of human civilization.

In the process, we’ll meet Nikola Tesla, find ourselves on the moon, decipher ancient symbols, and drum in front of thousands of spectators at the famous Woodstock festival.

The title relies on a combination of escape room puzzles and action interludes. Asher must also connect objects from different times to advance the story.

Zenith: The Last City

Platform: Meta Quest (2), PC VR glasses, Playstation VR
Release date: Early 2022

Zenith is an MMORPG inspired by Japanese role-playing games. The stylized fantasy world was designed by hand and ranges from vast forests to paradisiacal coasts and the futuristic city of Zenith itself.

Zenith offers maximum freedom of movement. So you can climb any object by hand, whether skyscrapers or mountains. With a gliding system, you can then float freely through the air to reach distant areas of the map, attack enemies or simply enjoy the view.

The combat system is motion-based and uses intuitive mechanics like throwing, blocking, and dodging instead of just pressing buttons. The social aspects were also important to the team. Thus, Zenith offers a lot of group content, including epic world bosses, events, and dungeons.