The 24 best VR games of all time (so far)

The 24 best VR games of all time (so far)

Which VR games do you "have to play?" Which ones simply can't be missed? In this list you'll find the best VR games of all time for Meta Quest (2), PC VR headsets, and Playstation VR.

There are many VR games out there - but only a few are exceptionally good. In this list, we've rounded up the best VR games for all VR headsets. The games are sorted alphabetically.

Note: Titles that are released for "SteamVR" and "Oculus Rift (S)" can usually be used with Meta Quest (2) (formerly Oculus Quest) + Link.

Asgard's Wrath

Genre: Role-playing, Action, Adventure
Platform: Rift via Quest (2) via Oculus/Meta Link

Asgard's Wrath, a full-blown AAA role-playing game arrived in November 2019. A fantastically beautiful fantasy world, massive sword-and-shield battles, and magnificently staged boss fights make Meta's exclusive VR game a must-have title for role-playing and action fans.

To date, Asgard's Wrath is the only VR role-playing game with over 30 hours of gameplay. Take on the role of a budding god with a lot to learn. We can switch between the first-person view of mortal heroes and the god form. In the latter, look at the world like a tabletop miniature world and use your special powers to solve environmental puzzles - such as building a bridge.

Various companions stand by and fight with you against skeletons and other monsters, or help solve puzzles with their special abilities. For example, Hulda the turtle can block fire traps or your shark friend can jump on high pendulums to act as a counterweight.

Buy Asgard's Wraith here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via (Air)Link $39.99

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Genre: Platformer, Jump 'n' Run, Puzzle
Platform: Playstation VR

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is one of the most charming fireworks in the VR industry. It is a VR jump 'n' run in which players steer a cuddly robot through a diorama world using Dualshock controllers. The colorful 3D jumps of the cutely animated robot exude typical Mario flair.

Time and again, you become personally involved in an ingenious way. Sometimes the PS4 controller becomes a flashlight against intrusive ghosts. Elsewhere, you shoot ropes and throw Astro upwards via motion control, or remove obstacles with headbutts.

As is typical for the genre, reflexes, and skill are required, and the story takes a back seat. All of this is presented with lightness and technical finesse rarely seen in VR. The VR game offers five different planetary environments with more than 20 levels and six boss fights.

The playtime is around five to eight hours, depending on which challenges you want to tackle and whether you are looking for all the collectibles.

Buy Astro Bot Rescue Mission here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Playstation Store Playstation VR $19.99

Beat Saber

Genre: Music, Rhythm
Platform: Meta Quest (2), SteamVR, Playstation VR

Beat Saber is perhaps the most famous and, certainly, one of the most successful VR games of all time. It's one of those games that is both simplistic and perfect in finding its formula for virtual reality that doesn't translate to other mediums. Using lightsabers, you slash through approaching blocks to match the driving beat of the music - preferably always in the right direction, indicated by arrows.

"If you hit the notes, you increasingly merge with the music and are transported into an intoxicating state of flow," is our test conclusion from May 2018. Nothing has changed, except perhaps that Beat Saber is a bit more pleasant to play with a stand-alone VR headset, i.e., without a cable to the PC. And, of course, new music packs are added periodically.

If desired, the blocks in 360 mode now even fly in from all directions. There is also a multiplayer mode. VR newcomers get a comfortable, active introduction to the medium with Beat Saber. Furthermore, the VR game is well suited for VR fitness.

There are regular updates for new songs: You can download music packs from Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Billie Eilish, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and many more. If that's not enough, you can mod your version for PC or Quest and load custom songs into Beat Saber.

For many, the name "Beat Saber" has become synonymous with VR. So, it's no wonder that Meta took over the Beat Games studio in 2019. In the Quest Store alone, the game broke the $100 million revenue barrier in 2021. You can also try out a free demo there.

Buy Beat Saber here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $29.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Playstation Store Playstation VR $29.99


Genre: Arena, Action, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest (2), SteamVR

Blaston from Resolution Games is the best example of entirely new genres in VR and how unique they feel. Two players face each other on their own virtual platforms and cover each other with projectiles from different weapons. The goal is to bring the opponent's health points down to zero.

The projectiles float in slow motion and on different trajectories to the opponent - but there are also speed differences. So, you'll have to be tactically clever in covering your opponents with projectiles and try to anticipate their next move. The special thing about Blaston is that you physically dodge in your playing field by ducking, jumping and side-stepping.

Your weapons aren't infinite, though: floating around your platform are the weapons, each of which only has a certain number of projectiles. New weapons pop appear periodically - so in the heat of battle, you'll also have to watch which weapon you get next and use it wisely. All of this makes the VR game a physically intense and sweaty experience.

A loyal community, crossplay, and free updates keep adding variety to the slow-motion duels. An update with a camera view of the real room has already convinced our writer, Tomislav, that mixed reality is the future!

Buy Blaston here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $19.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $19.99


Genre: Role-playing, Dungeon Crawler, Tabletop, Diorama, Multiplayer
Platform: Meta Quest (2), SteamVR, Steam
Review: Demeo

Fancy a tabletop game night with friends? In the fantasy role-playing game Demeo, up to four players explore dark dungeons together. You choose from four character classes: Guardian, Wizard, Hunter and Assassin. Each class has special strengths and abilities that must be used as effectively as possible in the fight against dangerous goblins, wizards, and trolls.

The playing field is a virtual dungeon that lies in front of you like a 3D game board and can be rotated, shrunk and enlarged at will using clever hand controls to experience battles up close. Players take turns moving their pieces and choosing their next action from action cards.

Using markers and, of course, voice chat, you can wonderfully deliberate on the next steps and discuss strategies. This is a big part of the appeal of Demeo: A real team is needed to crack the tough dungeons and their bosses.

Demeo combines co-op fun, fantasy role-playing and gameplaying demands into an addictive mix. If you like, you can also play alone and control all four characters yourself. A flat version for PC and extensive cross-play options ensure that monitor players can also join in. If you already own one of the VR versions, you can get the PC version for the monitor for free, and vice versa.

You can buy Demeo here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $29.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Steam (Flat-Version) PC $24.99

DiRT Rally 2.0

Genre: Racing, Sports
Platform: SteamVR

In DiRT Rally, you race against the clock in special stages all over the world, including Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, and the USA. A particularly authentic driving experience on the gravel, mud, and asphalt tracks has been a hallmark of the series since the first installment. The different cars behave very differently, and the track conditions are excellently transferred to the driving behavior.

If you want to get every possible second out of the track, you have to get to grips with the set-up of the car and adjust the brakes, transmission, and tires perfectly. However, those who don't want to do that can drive with the automatic settings and enjoy the impressive driving experience in VR.

In virtual reality and with a steering wheel, the realism is hard to beat. It's amazing how much better distances can be estimated when you simply look directly out of the window, and you can hardly get any closer to real drifting. The co-driver's announcements about the route are even more impressive in VR because they are more direct.

DiRT Rally 2.0 is one of the most intense racing game experiences in virtual reality!

Buy DiRT Rally 2.0 here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $59.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $39.99

Elite Dangerous

Genre: Space, Simulation, Exploration, Action
Platform: SteamVR, Steam

Back in 2016, Frontier Developments gave the still young Rift and Vive VR headsets a real monster of a VR game: The space simulation Elite Dangerous was initially developed for playing on the monitor, but in virtual reality, the cockpit simulation unfolds the true feeling of being in the middle of it all! The galaxy in Elite Dangerous is huge: players can explore around 400 billion star systems.

Play alone or in an online mode with other players. New pilots start with a small spaceship and have to earn their spurs first. Trade, smuggling, and bounty hunts bring money, which can be used to buy new and larger spaceships. If you feel like it, you can also try your hand at influencing the balance of power in the star systems and support one of the three factions (Empire, Federation, or Alliance).

Surface exploration via off-road vehicle and on-foot came into the game with the expansion Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. However, this is where the joy for VR enthusiasts ends: As soon as you leave the spaceship, the game switches from the 360-degree view to a screen view in the VR headset.

Elite: Dangerous is especially recommended in VR for exploration and the feeling of the infinite expanses. So far, no other space game can deliver a similar experience for VR.

You can buy Elite Dangerous here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Steam SteamVR Glasses $29.99

Half-Life: Alyx

Genre: Shooter, Action, Adventure
Platform: SteamV

Half-Life: Alyx is in a class of its own. Whether it's the surprising story, exciting gun battles, or the still unbeaten attention to detail. No other VR shooter delivers such thrilling action, such likable characters, and such variety in level and puzzle design.

The story takes place before the events of Half-Life 2, with the alien Combine dominating and terrorizing Earth. Only a few humans and the Vortigaunt alien race are still resisting. We play Alyx Vance, the daughter of physicist Eli Vance, who is captured. Thanks to the handyman Russel we try to save Eli. To accomplish this, we have to fight our way through City 17.

There is no other VR game that has such a high level of detail. Fantastic outdoor levels with a view alternate with post-apocalyptic corridors and dark rooms where we need our flashlight. At least there are only a few jumpscares, and they are predictable. Nevertheless, the excellent soundscape exudes enough horror to give you an excellent scare. Besides the great scenery, Half-Life: Alyx stands out for its unrivaled VR interaction.

Whether it's the physics (even liquids in bottles behave correctly), the detailed and manual reloading of weapons, the realistic operation of buttons and levers, and the precise catching of objects that we pull towards us over distance with our Gravity Gloves - this game has set standards for VR interaction. This is one of the reasons why funny gems like the following video were created:

It's also commendable that Valve's cleanly developed sci-fi adventure runs smoothly even on entry-level PCs despite brilliant graphics.

Buy Half-Life: Alyx here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) with (Air)Link $59.99

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition

Genre: Adventure, Action, Tabletop
Platform: SteamVR

The warrior Senua travels to Helheim, the Nordic realm of death, with the head of Dillion, her lover slain by Vikings. The goddess Hel rules there and is in possession of Dillion's soul. Senua wants to reclaim it from the goddess. But, the journey will be difficult because Senua is also torn internally and plagued by psychosis and depression.

In virtual reality and with headphones, this is even more intense than in the PC version. The whispering voices in Senua's head become your voices, and in the third-person view, which is unusual - and criminally underrated - for VR, you can see Senua's turmoil in her excellent facial expressions every second. The view works wonderfully, especially since you can move the camera position around the protagonist via analog stick at any time.

This also helps with the puzzles you have to solve to progress. Occasionally, you have to activate runes to open a door, then again you have to put stair fragments together. And again and again, spirits of the dead attack you and force you into brutal fights. The fights are simple to control with the gamepad, but dramatic in VR.

Especially cool is a table-top or diorama view that allows you to see, control, and fight with Senua as a fine 3D miniature in an equally finely crafted 3D world. Especially fights and the (slow motion) effects are a feast for the eyes in this view.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a wonderful VR game: a great story, terrific sound design, breathtaking environments, and a fantastic protagonist make it a game you absolutely have to play.

Buy Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Steam SteamVR, Quest (2) via (Air)Link $29.99

Lone Echo & Lone Echo II

Genre: Space, Adventure, Puzzle
Platform: Quest (2) via Oculus/Meta Link

Ready at Dawn Studios (The Order: 1886) gave Meta's Rift platform a two-part, big sci-fi adventure set in open space.

In it, you play Jack, a highly advanced android stationed in the Kronos II mine in the Saturn Rings. A space anomaly suddenly causes trouble, and you have to navigate through zero gravity, completing tasks and solving puzzles to get to the bottom of the danger. In the second part, there is a similarly threatening scenario to deal with - this time triggered by wildly proliferating biomass.

The excellent movement pattern, where you maneuver through weightlessness by grabbing and pushing off, was already convincing in the first part and remains convincing in the sequel. The interactions with the only human on the space station are just as great: Captain Liv Rhodes is excellently animated and looks very convincing in VR.

Free-dropping and floating through intricately designed space stations creates a unique feeling! The natural conversations with eerily believable characters provide even more presence.

The great stories, great dubbing and dense atmosphere with fantastic space panoramas are the icing on the cake for these two VR games, which really should be accessible to a much larger player base than to eke out a permanent existence in Meta-exclusivity.

Fans of complex machine puzzles should not miss this gem - as long as they have a modern gaming PC. At least a GeForce GTX 1080 and an Intel i7-6000 are recommended.

Buy Lone Echo II here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $39.99

Moss I & Moss: Book II

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Roleplay, Diorama, Tabletop
Platform Moss I: Playstation VR, Meta Quest (2), SteamVR
Platform Moss II: Playstation VR (Meta Quest 2 announced)
Review: Moss: Book II

Unfortunately, diorama games are still heavily underrepresented in VR. The two Moss games impressively prove how great stories can be told in virtual reality - without first-person view or the need for a dedicated VR playground. You can enjoy Moss in the comfort of your seat, using either DualShock controllers (if you're playing with PSVR) or your VR controllers.

You take on the role of a Reader, a mystical entity that hovers godlike over the levels of the world, assisting, controlling, and interacting with its respective patrons. In this case, you accompany the little mouse lady Quill through the fairyland of Moss.

Guide Quill through great environments and solve clever, sometimes even tricky, puzzles to let Quill continue on her way. Move a block here, grow a vine there, then Quill has to trigger special abilities with the right timing.

In the first part, Quill searches for her missing uncle and has to put the fear of God into various enemies, including dangerous boss monsters. In addition to controlling the brave mouse lady, you'll also intervene in battles, for example when you hold enemies or heal Quill. After particularly hard fights or when you've solved a difficult puzzle, you'll often get a high-five with the little mouse.


The bond you build with Quill - for example, when you scratch her behind the ears - is a special feature of the VR game. Unlike in normal adventure games, you are a real team that goes through thick and thin. This becomes especially clear in Moss 2.

Moss I and II are great VR games to relax and, for once, see something different than the constant FPS horror shooter zombie games. But they are also perfect for showing others the magic and potential of VR.

Buy Moss (Part 1) here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $29.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Viveport PC VR headset, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $29.99
Playstation Store Playstation VR $29.99

Buy Moss: Book II here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest 2 n/a
Playstation Store Playstation VR $39.99

Pavlov VR

Genre: Shooter, Action, Simulation
Platform: SteamVR

Pavlov VR by Vankrupt Games is one of the original VR multiplayer shooters. The game launched in February 2017 as a sort of VR version of Counter-Strike. Since then, the title has been constantly developed and receives new content, such as a major update with WW2 content and new game modes.

Thanks to stable player numbers, interested parties will also always find full servers. For practice, you'll find a practice range, an offline mode, and bots.

Particularly convincing is the good gunplay, i.e., the way you can handle the different weapons - from revolvers to rapid-fire rifles and bazookas. You can also modify your weapons, for example with silencers. Meanwhile, Pavlov also offers capture-the-flag, push, zombies or the asymmetrical hidden hunt, in addition to classic (team) deathmatch, defuse mode, and gun play.

Community is a special focus of the VR game, which remains in Early Access mode. Thanks to Steam Workshop support and an active modding scene, Pavlov has become a shooter platform. Veterans will recognize maps from Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, or Insurgency. Fans of colorful environments will find Minecraft, Zelda, and Roblox-inspired maps. There are even Halo maps - including Spartan armor, Halo weapons, and Warthogs.

For Meta Quest (2), there is the free spin-off Pavlov Shack - but without crossplay and without Workshop access.

Buy Pavlov VR here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Steam SteamVR, Quest (2) via (Air)Link $24.99

Project Cars 2

Genre: Racing, Sports
Platform: SteamVR

If you want to experience how much an already successful driving experience benefits from virtual reality, you should get into one of the detailed cockpits of Project Cars 2. Slightly Mad Studios included the VR mode in the development right from the start.

Drive over 180 cars in many modes, including the American IndyCar Series. There are also rally tracks, but they are not as successful as in DiRT Rally 2.0. Instead, Project Cars 2 shines with detailed, crisp cockpits and excellent driving behavior that lets you feel every bump - or your braking. Extensive car setups and a career mode provide long-term motivation.

In addition, there are different times of day and the associated lighting conditions, right up to night races. As usual, the steering wheel and pedals increase the immersion considerably, but the racing game can also be enjoyed in VR with a gamepad. The distance to the car in front of you can be estimated much better on a good VR headset than a monitor, and the steering behavior is also much better.

Buy Project Cars 2 here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $59.99

Resident Evil 4

Genre: Action, Horror
Platform: Meta Quest 2

How does a timeless horror classic get even better? By putting you as the protagonist directly into the game instead of just sitting in front of it. Seventeen years after its initial release, the hit game Resident Evil 4 has been remarkably immersive and performant adapted to the demands of virtual reality on the Quest 2.

This ranges from the squeaky-clean implementation to the smooth, fluid movement in the new first-person view. You take on the role of special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent to Europe to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the US president from the clutches of a cult. In a village, you'll have to deal with a horde of mutated residents and all sorts of nasty monsters.

Besides fighting zombies and undead knights, you'll collect all sorts of treasures, which you can then sell. Invest the money in weapons, such as pistols, assault rifles or bazookas.

Armature Studio's VR remake was named the best VR game at the 2021 Game Awards for a reason.

Resident Evil 4 was released exclusively for the Meta Quest 2.

Buy Resident Evil 4 VR here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest 2 $39.99

Resident Evil 7 VR: Biohazard

Genre: Horror, Survival
Platform: Playstation VR

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a real borderline experience for the nerves in VR, and is still one of the most graphically elaborate VR games. Capcom's return to classic survival horror exudes an eerily dense atmosphere even in front of the TV. However, the exclusive VR mode for Playstation VR takes scary moments to a whole new level.

Play as Ethan, who searches for his missing fiancée Mia in a run-down plantation mansion. The mansion is home to the psychopathic Baker family, who do some pretty disgusting things in there. Explore the mansion, solve puzzles and hold your own in challenging battles. There are not many weapons, and no quick-time events. The game's pace is relatively slow - no one will be overwhelmed here, except for those with weak nerves.

The controls, which are tailored to the DualShock controller of the Playstation 4, seem a bit old-fashioned by now, but it is still definitely worth catching up with this early and extremely attractive VR gem from 2017. You'll be able to enjoy the horror show for at least twelve hours.

Resident Evil 7 is only officially available for PSVR so far. However, a mod for PC VR remedies this.

You can buy Resident Evil 7: Biohazard here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Playstation Store Playstation VR $19.99

Rez Infinite

Genre: Shooter
Platform: Meta Quest (2), SteamVR, Playstation VR

For Sega veteran Tetsuya Mizuguchi, a visit to the Zurich Street Parade was a real revival experience. In 2001, the Sega Rally maker processed his impressions from 1994 into Rez - an astonishingly psychedelic and musical rail shooter for the time.

Meanwhile, the VR versions of Monstars Inc. and Resonair are the most beautiful way to dive into the colorful flashing techno world - including a new VR level. Here, you'll float along pre-determined paths through bizarre 360-degree levels, complete with equally bizarre creatures. Turn giant bosses into colorful fireworks by aiming crosses and combos. The techno beat of the Rez soundtrack hammers along with it.

Buy Rez Infinite here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $19.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Playstation Store Playstation VR $29.99

Superhot VR

Genre: Shooter, Action
Platform: Meta Quest (2), Playstation VR, SteamVR

In 2016, Superhot VR was the first truly physical VR game in the roomscale format. The game also has an exceptional gimmick that already made the original Superhot a hit on the 2D screen: In the fascinating mix of shooter and puzzle game, enemies and objects, such as bullets, only move when players are also moving.

In various levels, you dodge bullets, sword strokes, or enemy punches in slow motion. Objects lying around serve as punching, throwing, and shooting weapons. When used correctly, the VR game becomes an incredibly casual action ballet. Shoot two enemies in the back with a pistol, then pick up a cup and throw it into the face of another enemy on the left, before shattering the bad guy on the right with a powerful punch.

The speed at which everything happens depends entirely on your movement speed. A perfect game concept for Virtual Reality!

You can buy Superhot VR here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $24.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Viveport PC VR headset, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Playstation Store Playstation VR $24.99

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Genre: Survival, Horror
Platform: Meta Quest (2), SteamVR, Playstation VR

Three years after a zombie outbreak in flooded New Orleans, you play a tourist looking for adventure who hears about a bunker supposed to store resources for tens of thousands of people. The search won't be a walk in the park because, in addition to the insatiable zombies, there are also hostile human factions, each with its own goals.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is not a zombie game, but a game about humans in a zombie apocalypse. This is reflected in the cinematic story, which requires you to make decisions over and over again. Do you fight a certain faction or do you kill members of other factions, even if they are unarmed? How you progress in the VR game is up to you. Move through the city districts shooting, or proceed purposefully and rather quietly.

But you also have to take care of your well-being and eat food. The extensive crafting system will let you create weapons and other tools from materials you collect everywhere, in a post-apocalypse setting.

Thanks to the thoughtful interface, interactions feel right in VR. For instance, if you don't put enough force into a blow against a zombie, you'll just get run over. No matter what you do, pressing buttons, operating controls, reading notes, selecting recipes - it never gets fiddly or annoying.

Another highlight is the detailed graphics, which are impressive even in the implementation for Meta Quest 2. Updates also brought more variety, for example with a horde mode as well as more story missions. We're also eagerly awaiting the recently announced sequel.

Buy The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $39.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $39.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $39.99
Viveport PC VR headset, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $33.99
Playstation Store Playstation VR $39.99

Townsmen VR

Genre: Building game, Simulation, Tabletop
Platform: SteamVR
Review: Townsmen VR

First it sank into Early Access hell on Steam for years - then Townsmen VR got a massive update in late 2021, turning a demo into a proper VR game. In early 2022, it left Early Access as the best building game VR has seen so far.

The islands where you build villages are beautiful and always offer gorgeous panoramas, even after many hours of play. Your little settlers are finely and lovingly animated and work diligently away. Villagers carry materials from one place to another, construct buildings, tap ore veins, forge weapons and armor, roast game, plant crops, and fight pirates or other fiends.

The Settlers diorama comes to life in virtual reality. The controls play a big part in this because they are intuitive. The map can be zoomed and scaled, you place buildings exactly where you want them, and you use your fingers to grab settlers or materials to move them (or throw them!) to their respective destinations.

The thumbnail view in particular is a feast for the eyes with its sharpness and richness of detail and will leave you watching in amazement for some time. By the way, this has almost meditative relaxation value!

The quality of the game also runs through the humorous frame story, which provides the basis for the campaign. This is where "Black & White" meets "The Settlers" - and it's absolutely successful.

Buy Townsmen VR here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) with Air/Link $39.99
Steam PC VR headset, Quest (2) with Air/Link $39.99

Until You Fall

Genre: Action, Roguelite
Platform: Meta Quest (2), Playstation VR, SteamVR

You want to attack agile enemies with swords, axes, and clubs? Then Until You Fall is the best choice: In the role of a rune knight, you take on demonic revenants that threaten the kingdom of Rokar.

There is no campaign in Until You Fall, but the VR game offers an almost perfect melee combat system. Over 18 levels and three boss battles, fight monsters with the weapons of your choice - swords, daggers, fists, and more. You'll have to attack, parry, or dodge skillfully.

When an enemy attacks, the game will show you how to hold the weapon to block attacks. If you are too slow, you will be hit and lose health. At the same time, you'll have to find the gap in the enemy's defense and strike at the right moment.

In the physically demanding game, you fight against increasingly stronger opponents. If you die - and that's guaranteed! -you'll be reborn and can invest the experience points you've gained so far in new weapons and weapon upgrades.

Until You Fall doesn't simply try to translate existing game concepts into VR. Instead, it has been cleverly designed for the new medium.

"Until You Fall" has a sophisticated roguelite rulebook and a wide arsenal of weapons and abilities, as well as the ability to upgrade and combine them individually. These gameplay systems have depth and intertwine beautifully, regardless of what you ultimately do in virtual reality.

Buy Until You Fall here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $24.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.,99
Viveport PC VR headset, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $24.99
Playstation Store Playstation VR $24.99

Walkabout Mini Golf

Genre: Simulation, Sports
Platform: Meta Quest (2), SteamVR

Walkabout Mini Golf from developer studio Mighty Coconut is probably the coolest way to meet friends in virtual reality. It's as easy to get started as real mini golf. Put on your VR headset, select your mini golf club, and take a shot at the first hole.

In addition to imaginative courses, which repeatedly present you with difficult tasks, the excellent physics is one of the main reasons why Walkabout Mini Golf is so great and collects top ratings. The virtual club must be held just like a real one (this is done superbly with the Quest 2 touch controllers) and the power of the shot must be adjusted precisely. At what angle does the ball have to bounce against the board so that it rolls in the right direction?

A driving range gives you the opportunity to practice.

Moreover, the presence of the other players as avatars is perfect for talking while playing - and quite a few professional conversations are now held while putting, at least in our case. The variety of courses, including the particularly tricky night mode, is also successful. A matchmaking system will find players around the globe for you at any time.

Graphically, the developers have created wonderfully coherent worlds that could easily serve as a setting for other VR games, such as role-playing games or adventures - for example, in the Western world or the space course. You can buy additional courses for a small amount of money. In addition, you can go on a treasure hunt and collect over 100 different golf balls or search for fragments that will bring you new clubs.

Buy Walkabout Mini Golf here:

Stores Supported devices Price
Quest Store Quest (2) $14.99
Rift Store Rift (S), Quest (2) via Air(Link) $14.99
Steam SteamVR glasses, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $14.99
Viveport PC VR headset, Quest (2) via Air(Link) $14.99

WipEout Omega Collection

Genre: Arcade, Racing
Platform: Playstation VR

Sony XDev managed the feat of converting the classic future racer for virtual reality in 2018. Soar through futuristic skylines and race through wild corkscrew tracks in futuristic gliders.

Included in the WipEout Omega Collection are three arcade racing classics: WipEout 2048, WipEout HD, and the "Fury" expansion. Race with the competition  and use weapons against other pilots on 26 different tracks in more than 46 vehicles and through different game modes.

Shooting at a fast-moving object at breakneck speeds and not becoming a victim yourself or veering off course - that takes good nerves. And a VR-trained stomach because the speeds and fast loops can sometimes cause motion sickness.

You can buy WipEout Omega Collection here:

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Playstation Store Playstation VR $19.99