Walkabout Mini Golf has been played for nearly 5 million hours in 2023

Walkabout Mini Golf has been played for nearly 5 million hours in 2023

Mighty Coconut looks back on a successful year and announces impressive figures for Walkabout Mini Golf.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is a child of the pandemic. In an interview with MIXED, inventor and Mighty Coconut CEO Lucas Martell explains how he used the suddenly freed-up time to turn an existing AR prototype into a full-fledged VR mini-golf experience.

The simple but clever gameplay won over countless VR players. The VR game became a hit, especially on Meta Quest 2. Three years later, the success of Walkabout Mini Golf VR continues unabated, and 2023 has been the most productive year yet for the development studio.

More courses than ever

Mighty Coconut has regularly released new DLC courses for Walkabout Mini Golf since its launch. This year, there were a whopping eight new worlds.

VR mini golfers were able to visit Atlantis, the center of the earth, the land of the elves, and a horror house. The most complex and creative course to date, designed by the developers in collaboration with a collective of artists, was launched last: Walkabout Mini Golf: Meow Wolf.


550 years of mini golf

According to Mighty Coconut, in 2023 alone, all players combined spent an impressive total of 4,820,150 hours playing in these worlds, the equivalent of about 550 years.

Virtual putting is now available on all major VR headsets. After its original releases on Quest and SteamVR, Walkabout Mini Golf VR also appeared this year on Playstation VR 2, Pico 4, and was one of the launch titles for Meta Quest+. In addition, the first hardware product, the official Walkabout Grip-to-Putter, was released in collaboration with HelloRealVR.

Mighty Coconut also promises numerous expansions for the coming year. New courses, licenses, modes, features, and events are planned for 2024 and beyond. More details will be announced soon. The AR Pocket Edition of Walkabout Mini Golf for iOS devices will also be released in early 2024.

Sources: Mighty Coconut