Walkabout Mini Golf: Players don't want to take off the VR headset

Walkabout Mini Golf: Players don't want to take off the VR headset

The battery of the Meta Quest 2 lasts between two and three hours. That is not enough for many VR mini golf enthusiasts.

It is hard to resist the charm of Walkabout Mini Golf. The catchy but motivating gameplay, the virtual interaction, the pretty landscapes with a relaxing ambience: Walkabout Mini Golf hits a nerve in virtual reality.

And that is exactly why it is extremely popular: On the Quest platform, it is one of the most successful 15 premium titles, judging by the number of reviews in the Oculus Store. But the game is also a big success on Steam.

Miniature golf until the Quest shuts down

An important indicator for the success of a VR game is how much time players spend in it. Current VR headsets are large and not particularly comfortable, which makes a long dwell time especially significant.

According to developer studio Mighty Coconut, players spend an average of ten times as much time in Walkabout Minigolf as they do in other quest games, Road to VR reports. About half of the players spend an average of two hours at a time in the game and would stay even longer if the battery didn't drain so quickly.


Walkabout Mini Golf: First DLC with movie license

The fifth and largest DLC for Walkabout Mini Golf will be released on July 28. It brings a new mini golf environment inspired by the 80s classic movie Labyrinth. The studio acquired a license and worked closely with the Jim Henson Company, which holds the rights to the film. In the new environment, you visit movie locations and meet animated characters from the fantasy film.

The update also brings support for up to eight players at a time (previously the maximum was five), new movie-inspired avatars, 18 courses and lost golf balls, and a scavenger hunt whose successful completion is rewarded with a new club.

With the previous DLCs, it's enough for one in the group to own the paid content. Hopefully, the same will be true for the maze DLC. Like all the other DLCs before it, it will cost $3.

Sources: Road to VR