Walkabout Mini Golf: Major update brings driving range and more

Walkabout Mini Golf: Major update brings driving range and more

Walkabout Mini Golf will be expanded by a free update with numerous features and a new area. What can you expect on Welcome Island?

With 4.9 out of five possible stars, Walkabout Mini Golf is one of the best-rated VR games for the Meta Quest (2). On Steam, the game currently has 1,164 reviews and is rated "extremely positive". We like it too - and use it for casual editorial meetings, for example.

Now the popular VR Mini Golf is getting its biggest update yet.

What makes Walkabout Mini Golf so special?

Walkabout Mini Golf is especially impressive for its creativity in level design. In virtual reality you'll hole small balls on pirate treasure islands, windmill villages, space stations or western towns. In addition, there are brilliant ball physics and varied courses with obstacles that challenge even professionals.

Welcome Island ist das neue Startgebiet von Walkabout Mini Golf.

Welcome Island is the new starting area of Walkabout Mini Golf. | Image: Mighty Coconut

In the basic version, the VR game includes eight courses with eighteen holes each. In addition, each course can be played in a night mode, which increases the level of difficulty. Along the way, you're allowed to search for hidden balls in different designs in small side activities or pursue a scavenger hunt, where you explore the entire area and collect new clubs.

Walkabout Mini Golf gets driving range and practice green

The developers regularly offer paid add-ons with new courses for Meta Quest 2 or on SteamVR. So far, three of these DLCs have been released for $2.50 each: Gardens of Babylon, Shangri-La, and Sweetopia, a kind of land of milk and honey made of candy canes and sweets. The developer team Mighty Coconut is now making the latest and most extensive expansion available for free.


The 1.6-gigabyte update brings a completely new starting area. Until now, the small island only served as a selection area for balls, clubs and courses.

Now "Welcome Island" is expanded by some attractions. On a driving range, you can hit balls at partially movable targets in mini-games. On the practice green you can familiarize yourself with the ball physics, pick up balls and even throw them. You can also freely explore the island or take a raft tour through a hidden cave. The update is available for download now.

All features of Walkabout Mini Golf Update 3.0:

  • Entirely new starting area
  • Driving range with partly movable targets
  • Practice green
  • Raft tour or free exploration of the island
  • New mute player option
  • New design options for avatars
  • New options menu
  • Performance improvements
  • Wristwatch is now available in the starting area as well