VR hit takes you on a Journey to the Center of the Earth

VR hit takes you on a Journey to the Center of the Earth

Developer Mighty Coconut announces new additions to the popular VR game Walkabout Mini Golf. First images also show the upcoming iOS version of the game.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR, which has been especially successful on mobile VR headsets, will be expanded once again. In addition to the continuation of the Jules Verne series, the developers are launching a new course series in cooperation with the creator of “Exploding Kittens”. There are also first images of the iOS version of the VR game.

Next part of the Jules Verne series announced

Last year, Mighty Coconut announced a three-part DLC series based on French author Jules Verne's “Voyages Extraordinaires”. It started with the Walkabout Mini Golf DLC “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, where you chase the virtual mini golf balls through Captain Nemo's submarine “Nautilus”.

At this year's Meta Gaming Showcase, Mighty Coconut showed the second part “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Players will be able to bounce balls around between dinosaurs and giant mushroom forests.

In addition, a new game mechanic called “Flashlight” will be introduced. You'll find out exactly what it's all about on June 8, 2023, when the DLC will be released in the Meta Quest Store for 3.99 US-Dollars. Whether the new announcement will also be released simultaneously for SteamVR, Pico 4, and the PSVR 2 is unclear.


Exploding Kittens in Walkabout Mini Golf VR

“Evil Lairs” marks the arrival of a new series of DLC courses in Walkabout Mini Golf VR. The first one, “Laser Lair”, is scheduled for release in July and will also cost 3.99 US-Dollars. The courses feature a variety of obstacles and traps that prevent you from putting in.

Laser Lair also brings a new form of the popular scavenger hunt, where you can secure new putters by solving puzzles. This new “Fox Hunt” was designed in cooperation with Elan Lee, co-creator of the card game Exploding Kittens.

The presentation also included the first scenes from the iOS version of Walkabout Mini Golf, which will be released this summer. The Pocket Edition is played on an iPhone or iPad. To putt the golf ball, you move the device in the direction of the shot. Thanks to cross-play support, you can play with friends who are playing Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro or the newly announced Meta Quest 3.

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