Meta Quest+ in September 2023: These two VR games are featured

Meta Quest+ in September 2023: These two VR games are featured

Meta's VR subscription Meta Quest+ brings you two new VR games every month. The following two titles will be added in September 2023.


Meta Quest+ launched in July 2023 and works as follows:

  • Every month, Meta selects two new VR games.
  • You must claim new VR games each month online, in the headset, or in the Meta Quest app, or the offer will expire at the end of the month. This also means that you can't claim VR games from previous months retroactively.
  • If you claim the VR games every month, your VR game library will grow over time.
  • The VR subscription can be canceled at any time, so you can skip a month if you already own the VR games announced for the next month.
  • If you cancel your subscription, you'll lose access to the VR games you've claimed. If you re-subscribe, you'll regain access to them and be able to claim the VR games that are currently available.
  • Quest+ supports Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro.

The subscription costs $7.99 USD per month or $59.99 USD for an annual subscription. The following VR games have been offered so far:

July 2023

  • Pistol Whip (regular price: $29.99)
  • Pixel Ripped 1995 (regular price: $19,99)

August 2023

This month on offer: Two VR classics

Red Matter (regular price: $24.99) and A Fisherman's Tale (regular price $14.99) will be added in September.



The sci-fi game Red Matter (2018) takes place far in the future during a fictional Cold War. You take on the role of an astronaut from the capitalist Atlantic Union exploring an abandoned base of the communist Republic of Volgravia on Saturn's moon Rhea. Your goal is to investigate a top secret research project. Red Matter combines stunning graphics and clever puzzles with a mysterious story.

A Fisherman's Tale (2019) is another early highlight in the history of VR gaming. Taking on the role of lighthouse keeper Bob, you must climb your lighthouse and light the beacon. This is easier said than done, as there is a strange spell on the lighthouse. A Fisherman's Tale is a fairy tale puzzle game that reminds us of old Disney cartoons and masterfully plays with space and scale.

Both titles have by the way received sequels called Red Matter 2 and Another Fisherman's Tale.

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