Sony's Playstation VR 2 will soon be playable for the first time

Sony's Playstation VR 2 will soon be playable for the first time

Visitors of the Tokyo Game Show can try out Sony's Playstation VR 2. It is quite possible that Sony will present the headset to the public beforehand.

Capcom announces a playable VR demo of Resident Evil Village. Sony confirmed in June that a VR port of the horror game for Playstation VR 2 is in development.

The predecessor Resident Evil 7 was also released with VR support shortly after the launch of Playstation VR and is still one of the best gaming experiences for Sony's VR headset. More than one million VR players tried out the VR mode. Sony probably hopes to achieve similar or even greater success with Resident Evil Village.

The new VR port goes a step further and offers full support for hand controls. Thus, you will be able to protectively raise your arms and hold and fire weapons in your hands. Resident Evil 7 could only be played with Dualshock 4.

Playstation VR 2: First experience reports soon

The Tokyo Game Show will take place from September 15 to 18, 2022. Capcom writes that you will be able to experience a part of the Dimitrescu Castle. Visitors have to prove that they are 18 years or older with an official ID.

This could be the first event where the public can try out Playstation VR 2. So far, Sony has only shown render images. Accordingly, the first field reports could appear by mid-September at the latest.


The press has also not yet been allowed to report on the new gaming experience. It is possible that the virtual reality headset will be exhibited before the Tokyo Game Show. Sony is planning a Playstation Showcase on September 8, according to rumors.

Unresolved issues: price and launch title

The company recently announced that Playstation VR 2 will be released in early 2023. The design of the headset, its specifications, and its new features are more or less known. Now the question is how the hardware will feel in practice. And how much it will cost.

Considering inflation and supply chain issues, (currently unique) high-end features like HDR and eye-tracking, and high-quality VR controllers, the device could be more expensive than the original, which Sony priced at $399 at launch.

Another point that is still open is the game lineup. Only five VR games have been confirmed so far. More than 20 titles are said to be in development. Sony still has one or two games to announce.

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