Sony reveals Playstation VR 2 design

Sony reveals Playstation VR 2 design

Sony has revealed the design of the Playstation VR 2.

About a year after announcing the next-gen VR glasses, Sony finally unveils the design. You can see a case with a white plastic shell and four integrated cameras, which are responsible for the spatial tracking of the headset and VR controllers.

Sony has more or less kept the Halo head mount of the original device. The Sense controllers, which the company already unveiled in 2021, have been slightly redesigned by Sony: They are now white on the outside instead of gray.

In the Playstation blog, Sony manager Hideaki Nishino goes into the subtleties of the design. Accordingly, the casing was designed roundish to harmonize with the spherical shape of the VR controllers. The spherical shape is also supposed to represent the 360-degree view of virtual reality.

Another goal for the headset was to visually blend in well with the existing PS5 product family. According to Nishino, the Playstation 5 was also designed with the VR headset in mind.

Sony keeps what's good and improves on it

A big focus was on comfort, so Sony tested the VR headset with many different head sizes. Since the Halo head mount of the first Playstation VR met with great acclaim, Sony also relied on this design principle for the next-gen device.

Playstation VR 2 mit Controllern und Logo

A side view of the Playstation VR. | Image: Sony

Also retained is the option to adjust the distance of the case from the face, and the jack for headphones is also in the same place. New, however, is that you can adjust the distance of the lenses to your own eye distance. This is done via a dial.

The Playstation VR 2 is slimmer and lighter than the original, according to Sony, despite new features like the headset haptics. That was "quite a challenge," according to Sony.


Playstation VR: Market launch and price still unknown

Finally, Nishino talks about the new fan, which lead designer Yujin Morisawa says is designed to prevent the lens from fogging up. You can see the outlet between the top and front of the case (see top image).

Playstation VR 2 mit Controllern und Logo

A rear view of the Playstation VR 2. | Image: Sony

After the unveiling of the PSVR2 specs and the first game and now the appearance, only two important pieces of information are still missing: how much the device will cost and when it will hit the market. According to rumors, it could be as early as the second quarter of 2022.

The only game announced so far is Horizon: Call of the Mountain. There may be more to learn about upcoming VR games at the GDC developer conference in March.

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