Meta improves the Quest platform, PSVR 2 is almost here

Meta improves the Quest platform, PSVR 2 is almost here

Our weekly recap: Meta tinkers, Sony launches, Microsoft lays off.

Sony heads for Day 1

Early testers love Sony's driving simulator Gran Turismo 7 in VR. Preparing for launch day, Sony explains many details about PSVR 2 in a detailed FAQ. Among other things, it says that the VR headset works directly with the PS5 - without a TV connected.

We also have a new trailer and PSVR 2 unboxing directly from Sony, a nostalgic video that brings back memories of the VR hype of 2016, and a graphics comparison that shows the advantage of Sony's VR headset over Quest 2.

If you haven't seen it yet, here's our preview of PSVR 2.

Meta improves Quest platforms

Meanwhile, Meta continues to work on the Quest platforms: v50 of the system software could bring touch controls and body tracking to Quest 2 and Quest Pro, a new developer kit improves the spatial audio of Quest and other VR headsets, and local multiplayer is coming to Quest 2. There are also rumors of a new PC client for the Quest series that will no longer support older Rift models.

In addition, Meta caught the person who leaked information to Brad Lynch, which is why Quest Pro and presumably Quest 3 were or are largely known before the official launch. Allegedly, the leaker wanted a cut of Lynch's advertising revenue.

Speaking of Quest 3, the long-announced Assassin's Creed VR game could be released at the same time as the new XR headset this fall. However, Meta seems to be giving up exclusive rights.


Meta Quest v50 PTC has permissions for body tracking.

Quest's VR user interfaces will soon be easier to touch. | Image: deliciouspotato2

Microsoft lays off its Industrial Metaverse team

While Microsoft is entering the search engine war against Google with OpenAI's ChatGPT, it is saving resources at XR: The latest victim, according to a Bloomberg report, is the Industrial Metaverse team, which has been disbanded after only four months. 100 employees have to go.

Previously, Microsoft had already shut down the social VR platform AltspaceVR, laid off the XR interface team MRTK, reportedly along with the staff of its own volumetric film studios, and only commented on the presence of the Hololens 2 rather than the future of its mixed reality strategy.

ChatGPT tips and a language model with tools

Experimenting with ChatGPT for better texts? Then maybe these five basic prompt strategies for better ChatGPT output will help you.

Meta introduces "Toolformer," a not so large language model that can autonomously drive external tools like a calculator via APIs, outperforming much larger language models in select tasks. For more AI news, see THE DECODER.