PSVR 2 what's in the box? Sony releases new trailer & unboxing

PSVR 2 what's in the box? Sony releases new trailer & unboxing

Update from February 10, 2023:

The first unboxing videos from Sony and others are posted on YouTube.

Original article from February 9, 2023:

Shortly before market launch, Sony once again shows what makes Playstation VR 2 special and why the purchase might be worthwhile for gamers.

In two weeks, the Playstation VR 2 releases heralding a new era of VR gaming to outshine stand-alone VR experiences like those of the Meta Quest 2 (review). At least, that's the hope of the VR gaming community.

Sony is banging the advertising drum with a new trailer that highlights the headset's features and illustrates them with concrete game scenes from upcoming titles.

Teased features include foveated rendering, a technique that makes game worlds appear particularly sharp and clear. The technique is enabled by eye-tracking that also allows you to determine the direction of grenades with your gaze alone. Another feature is headset haptics that let you feel the blows of your opponents as vibrations on your head.

Then there are the high-quality Sense controllers, which feature touch detection, adaptive triggers, and their own high-quality haptic effects.

What's important is what comes after the launch

Sony conveys a clear message with the trailer. An immersive experience package like this has not been available before and will not be available elsewhere anytime soon, whether on a TV or with other VR systems. Sony is likely to be right about that. Playstation VR 2 will be the benchmark for VR gaming for quite a while.

The hardware is outstanding, noted MIXED contributor Ben Danneberg in his PSVR 2 preview. Now, Sony needs to keep the system permanently stocked with equally outstanding software that takes advantage of the technology, he said.

The trailer features several titles that should do just that. Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, Switchback VR, and Firewall Ultra are among the 30 titles that will be released in the launch period.


Playstation VR 2 is already in circulation

Meanwhile, the press and Youtubers are getting their hands on the first test samples. Numerous pictures of the packaging are making the rounds on social media. The inside of the box is still hidden, even though we already know what is included.

Pretty trailer or not, there is still room for improvement in marketing. Instead of a big showcase, Sony revealed hardware and software drop-by-drop in blogposts stoking doubts about the Playstation VR 2.

The company still has some time to further fuel the hype. According to YouTube channels like Paradisedecay and PSVR2 without Parole, Sony might still have one or two surprises in store.

Playstation VR 2 will be released on February 22 starting at $549 (PS5 required to play).