PSVR 2 vs. PSVR 1 vs. Meta Quest 2 graphics comparison for Song in the Smoke

PSVR 2 vs. PSVR 1 vs. Meta Quest 2 graphics comparison for Song in the Smoke

More detail, improved lighting and shadows, and new gameplay features: The PSVR 2 shines in direct comparison to its predecessor and Meta's mobile VR headset.

Creative director Jake Kazdal and technical art director Colin Williamson present the PSVR 2 version of their VR game Song in the Smoke Rekindled on the YouTube channel of their studio 17-Bit. The studio also provides a direct graphical comparison between PSVR 2, PSVR, and Quest 2.

Song in the Smoke on PSVR 2 is more than a remaster

The survival game Song in the Smoke has already been released on Playstation VR and adapted for the mobile VR headset Meta Quest 2. Now Song in the Smoke is coming to PSVR 2 as a remastered version. Players need not fear a clumsy one-to-one port, however.

Just recently, Kazdal and his colleagues explained in an interview why PSVR 1 ports would feel like new. In short, the many new features of PSVR 2 will allow studios to realize the original vision of their VR games.

Compared to the Quest 2 and PSVR versions of the game, Song in the Smoke on PSVR 2 is said to make a significant leap in quality. It's not so much a remaster as kind of the "ultimate version of the game," Kazdal said.

"We were able to uprise everything. I mean there's so much more raw power available on the PS5 but with the kind of expanded runway we had for this thing we were able to go in and add a bunch of stuff that was either new or had been sort of played with before but we sort of ran out of time," Jake Kazdal explained.

Graphics comparison: PSVR 2 vs. PSVR vs. Quest 2

Via Twitter, the studio shared a direct graphics comparison between the versions for PSVR, Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR 2. Especially when compared to Meta's mobile VR headset, the graphics are noticeably more vibrant and sharper.

The PSVR 2 version boasts richer colors, significantly more detail, improved lighting and shadow effects, and you can look further. Also, the annoying edge flicker of the PSVR version seems to be history.



Sense haptics let you feel water

In addition to the improved graphics, the team also tweaked some of the gameplay mechanics. Among other things, free jumping will be possible in the PSVR 2 version. This would also make combat more varied.

"With the power of the PlayStation 5 eye tracking you can actually you know pinpoint exactly where you want to move to," Kazdal said. So when you're climbing, all you have to do is look at the rock and aim for it.

The haptic effects of the VR headset will also come into play in the new version. For example, when players walk under a waterfall, they can feel the water coming down on their heads through the headset.

Those familiar with Song in the Smoke can look forward to an additional expert difficulty level on PSVR 2, according to the developers. Many cutscenes have also been reworked.

Free upgrade for PSVR version and demo announced

The YouTube video below shows Song in the Smoke Rekindled at a native frame rate of 90 FPS. The developers are also using the PSVR 2's eye tracking for foveated rendering.

Song in the Smoke Rekindled will be released on February 22, 2023 as one of the launch titles for PSVR 2. Owners of the original PSVR version will receive the PSVR 2 upgrade for free. In addition, 17-Bit has confirmed a free demo version for Sony's next-gen VR headset.

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