PSVR 2 works without a TV - and gets more than 100 games

PSVR 2 works without a TV - and gets more than 100 games

Sony answers all questions about the Playstation VR 2 in a large FAQ and reveals several interesting facts.


Sony's next-generation VR system will be released in less than two weeks. The company has published an extensive FAQ on the Playstation Blog to clear up any uncertainties.

The questionnaire is divided into the sections Overview, Headset, Sense Controller, Games, Transmission and Recording, and Miscellaneous.

Sony emphasizes that the FAQ will be updated before, during and after the launch. So it might be worth bookmarking the page and checking back later.

You can also check out our PSVR 2 info hub. There you may find some information that is missing from Sony's FAQ.


Playstation VR 2 also runs without a TV

Most of the information was already known. However, there are some interesting new details about the Playstation VR 2:


  • The headset is about 40 grams or 7 percent lighter than the Playstation VR 1 (not counting the cables), but takes up almost as much space as its predecessor: its volume is three percent smaller.
  • The light blocker that comes into contact with your face can be removed and cleaned with water.
  • Like its predecessor, the Playstation VR 2 has an age restriction of 12 years.
  • The Sense controllers are not sold separately at this time. So you'll want to take good care of them when playing motion-intensive VR games.
  • Sony confirms that there will be free upgrades to PSVR 1 games and cross-buying. It's up to the studios to offer titles in this way.
  • Playstation VR 2 requires a TV to set it up. After that, you can turn it off and use PSVR 2 without a TV, as the PS5 menus are displayed in the headset.

PSVR 2 gets many more VR games

Sony also writes that more than a hundred VR games are currently in development for Playstation VR 2, and more than 30 games will be available at launch. You can check out these titles and more in our list of PSVR 2 games announced so far.

What's more important than quantity is quality: Playstation VR 2 needs outstanding games that are built from the ground up for the VR system and take advantage of its strengths. Ports of existing titles won't do it alone, even if they are much improved.

Sony has laid the groundwork for a thriving VR ecosystem with the PSVR2 hardware, and great software needs to follow in the coming months and years: That's the conclusion of Ben's PSVR2 preview.


We are curious to see if Sony will fuel the hype with a showcase and one or two big announcements before the launch. The PSVR2 without Parole YouTube channel seems to point in that direction.

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