Doom, Half-Life, Star Wars: Retro VR ports coming for Pico 4

Doom, Half-Life, Star Wars: Retro VR ports coming for Pico 4

Team Beef's move to OpenXR enables Pico 4 mods for Doom, Quake & Co. ports for Quest 3 and Valve Deckard might follow.

Team Beef's unofficial VR ports are among the most popular mods for virtual reality. Thanks to Sidequest and a few additional installation steps, you can run classic shooters like Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Quake 3 on Meta Quest. The prerequisite is that you own the original game, for example in your Steam library.

In the foreseeable future, these retro ports will also work on the new VR headset Pico 4 (see review). This is made possible by Team Beef's current switch from the old Oculus SDK to the open standard OpenXR.

Doom and Quake 3 in VR on the Pico 4

Those who consider the Pico 4 an alternative to the Quest 2 can look forward to using it to play Doom 3, parts of the Star Wars: Jedi Knight series, and more, according to the announcement on the official Discord and team member Grant Bagwell's Twitter presence. More detailed information on the Pico 4 port dates should follow soon.

The move to OpenXR, he said, puts the team in a good position for later ports to upcoming VR headsets such as the 2023 planned Meta Quest 3 or Valve Deckard. Valve hasn't officially announced its new VR headset yet, but there have been some hints about it, and a lot of information about Valve Deckard has already been leaked.


The new Meta Quest Pro headset already runs the virtual reality ports flawlessly, according to the results of recent community tests. However, these were not yet the planned OpenXR versions.

In addition to the OpenXR and Pico ports, Team Beef is working on more retro VR games. The team plans to make more announcements soon.

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