Meta Quest (2): New Sidquest version simplifies sideloading

Meta Quest (2): New Sidquest version simplifies sideloading

Sidequest gets a major convenience upgrade and now allows sideloading directly in VR. You only need your PC for the initial setup.

The new installer has recently been made available on the official website. It takes you step-by-step through the setup of Sidequest, including creating a developer account and establishing a USB connection between your computer and VR headset.

In addition to the new installation instructions, there is now also a diagnostic tool that shows you if all the necessary steps have been performed correctly. This helps to avoid stumbling blocks and to identify problems.

After successful installation and setup, you can launch Sidequest from unknown sources and use it in VR to load unofficial VR apps onto your VR headset or install custom home environments (Guide). A PC or smartphone is no longer required. This is a big step forward in terms of usability.

Install Retro Ports: Easier than ever

You still require a computer to install retro ports like Half-Life, Quake, and Doom 3, as the ports require Steam files of the original games.

The installation of these files has been significantly simplified and no longer requires manual searching and copying of individual folders. A new system identifies the relevant Steam folders at the push of a button and copies the files to your Meta Quest automatically.


You can increase the quality of textures in VR games or the resolution of recorded videos without having to connect Meta Quest 2 to your PC.

PC version of Sidequest under development

The VR version of Sidequest has an experimental beta status, so there might still be one or two issues. Those who prefer to use the PC or Android app can continue to do so. The former is expected to receive new features in the near future that will make it easier to use.

The team also promises to localize the software, so you'll soon be able to install and use Sidequest in languages other than English. You can find the new Sidequest on the official website ("Easy Installer").