Apple Loves Godzilla, Quest Elite, and VR Killers

Apple Loves Godzilla, Quest Elite, and VR Killers

Even in the second week after Apple Vision Pro, we have some news about the VR/AR headset. Plus, Quest news and a trio of VR killers.

Apple Vision Pro: Hands-On, 3D Series, and Defensive Expectations

So, what do the folks who've been with Apple in Cupertino and already tried the Vision Pro have to say? We have compiled a few hands-on reports for you.

The MonsterVerse goes 3D: "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" is the first series to come to the Vision Pro in 3D. Do you like Godzilla and King Kong? Then you might enjoy the series coming to Apple TV+ next year.

Less monstrous are Apple's Vision Pro avatars, which will be used via Facetime, for example. However, the scanned copies of the users are not yet fully convincing and still cause some awkwardness ("Uncanny Valley" effect). This does not stop Apple from preparing the Vision Pro avatars for Zoom & Co. Fortunately, the release is still some time away.

Speaking of release: Apple may be aiming for a significantly lower number of Vision Pro headsets sold next year. Maybe Sony is to blame. What does that mean for a possible cheaper version of the Vision Pro?

By the way: Apple's Vision Pro can read minds. Well, sort of. But it's still creepy and impressive at the same time. Which brings us back to Godzilla & Co. and closes the Apple echo chamber for this week.

Quest 2 & 3: Insta in da House, flat rate gaming and a smart guardian

You've probably also wondered why there isn't an Instagram spin-off from Meta for VR. Well, I certainly ask that myself occasionally. After all, the Tiktok clone Reels are running experimentally in the Explore feed of Quest 2.


For those who want to watch less video and play more, there may soon be a gaming subscription for Quest headsets. It could be called Meta Quest+. An Elite Strap might be worthwhile for the Quest 3, and a smart Guardian system would also be pretty, well, smart.

VR games: Putter Uno, Killer Trio, Playstation Quattro

Walkabout Mini Golf gets its first physical putter. But please don't destroy the display case and TV - even the smart Guardian won't stop you.

Third time's the charm: In Assassin's Creed Nexus, you can happily go hunting with Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Cassandra, and Connor Kenway.

Meanwhile, Sony presented four new games for the Playstation VR 2.

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