Walkabout Mini Golf launches official VR putter

Walkabout Mini Golf launches official VR putter

Mighty Coconut presents the first official accessory for Walkabout Mini Golf VR. The VR putter is designed to create a real mini golf feeling.

The Walkabout designed putter is based on a real mini golf putter. The grip and weight are designed to feel realistic and provide a new playing experience in Walkabout Mini Golf VR.

VR Putter compatible with Meta Quest & PSVR 2

The current version of the “Walkabout Grip-to-Putter” is compatible with all Quest controllers. This includes the Touch Controllers from Quest 1 and 2, the Touch Pro controllers, and the new TruTouch from Quest 3. Even the discontinued Oculus Rift (S) controllers are still supported.

An adapter for the PSVR 2's Sense Controllers is also planned. Only Pico 4 players seem to be left out, at least for now. The controllers are secured with a self-tensioning lanyard twist-lock mechanism. Those who have to fight with sweaty palms on the virtual green can breathe a sigh of relief: The grip wicks away moisture, so you always have a good grip.


Limited edition with a proud price

To make in-game adjustments, an analog trigger is attached to the shaft, which pulls a lever via a cable connection to trigger the grip button on the VR controller. Mighty Coconut will also make adjustments to the game itself to make it easier to control with the VR accessory. The VR putter will be released as a limited edition and is available for pre-order now for just under $60.

Delivery is scheduled for this summer. This means that the VR Putter should be released around the same time as the recently announced DLC expansions “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Evil Lairs”. The putter has been created in cooperation with VR accessory manufacturer HelloReal and will also be sold through their online store. You can find the link at the source link.

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