Meta Quest 3 comes with new controllers & support for Touch Pro

Meta Quest 3 comes with new controllers & support for Touch Pro

The new Meta Quest 3 controllers bring new features, but they are not a must. If you like, you can use Meta's Touch Pro controller.

That it was coming was no longer a secret. But the way it was announced was surprising. Just before the Meta Gaming Showcase 2023, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new Meta Quest 3 mobile VR headset on his Instagram channel.

In addition to some technical improvements over its predecessor, the Quest 3 also comes with redesigned VR controllers and new features. However, it has now been revealed that these are not the only compatible input devices.

Meta Quest 3 supports Quest Pro controllers

Shortly after the announcement of the new VR headset, Meta announced on its blog that the Meta Quest 3 will also support the Touch Pro controllers. These are intended for use with the Quest Pro, but can also be purchased separately for a hefty $299.99.

The reason for the high price is mainly due to the technical features. The Touch Pro controllers can track themselves. This is made possible by cameras built into the controllers. Tracking rings and “eye contact” with the VR headset are no longer necessary.


Quest 3 controller: TruTouch yes, internal tracking no

The TruTouch haptics are also new. Three sensors in the triggers, thumb rest and grip are said to provide more realistic haptic feedback. For example, they can detect bending or sliding of the index finger. You can read more about this in our overview of the Touch Pro Controllers.

On the Quest blog, Meta announces that TruTouch will also be used in the Touch Plus controllers of the Quest 3, but that the internal tracking will remain reserved for the Touch Pro controllers. Meta is not using tracking rings in the new Quest 3 controllers, but this is due to improvements in their tracking technology.

If you prefer not to use a controller at all, you can control the Quest 3 with hand tracking right from the start. This input method has been gradually improved through software updates on the Quest 2 and should be even more accurate on the Quest 3.

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