New leak hints at name and price of Meta Quest VR subscription

New leak hints at name and price of Meta Quest VR subscription

There is a new hint about a possible upcoming VR subscription for Quest headsets, which could be called Meta Quest+.

Twitter user Jaden Ross found the clue in the app selection of the Meta Quest app while casting content for a friend playing VR. The image hints at the possible name of the subscription service, as well as the price.

"Our VR subscription is here. Two titles for just $7.99 a month," the screenshot reads.

No Game Pass for Meta Quest

The first hint of a subscription service came in early March, when another Twitter user found a description of a "Quest Pass" in the Meta Quest app. The Quest Pass would allow subscribers to redeem and keep two new VR apps every month for as long as they use the subscription.

This would make the service more like Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus subscriptions than Microsoft's Game Pass, which offers users a rotating library of games.


Meta ruled out a Netflix model for VR games years ago because it sees individual VR studios at a disadvantage.

Are the free games all that Quest+ has to offer?

Meta will likely decide which VR games to offer each month, and the service's appeal will likely depend on that selection.

Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus are required for online play (with exceptions), there is nothing comparable in the Quest ecosystem so far, and playing online is free.

The incentive to subscribe to Quest+ would therefore be less, unless Meta removes free online play or creates other incentives. Who would want to pay $7.99 per month for VR games they may already own or have no interest in?

It is not known if and when Quest+ will come and in what form. Nothing has been confirmed by Metas yet. Therefore, this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

By the way: Meta is also testing a VR cloud streaming service codenamed Avalanche, which could one day be used to stream PC VR titles like Asgard's Wrath or Stormland to Meta Quest. But there is nothing official about this service either.

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