You may soon be able to post your Instagram reels in Meta Quest 2

You may soon be able to post your Instagram reels in Meta Quest 2

Meta is testing Instagram Reels in the Meta Quest 2 mobile VR headset, but only a few users will have access at first.

The short videos known as 'reels' from social media platform Instagram are currently being tested in Meta's Quest 2 mobile VR headset. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a short preview video on Meta's Instagram broadcast channel alongside the announcement.

During the test phase, Reels will only be shown to a small number of users and will appear in the Explore feed of the VR headset. Just like on a smartphone, you can browse through the 2D clips, which are displayed on a flat background in the Quest's VR Home environment.

Meta combines social media and VR

You can see what the Reels look like in the video below from Mark Zuckerberg's post. The addition of Reels to the Quest ecosystem isn't the first time Meta has merged features from its social media platforms and VR services.

Just in May, the company unveiled a new photo feature for Horizon Worlds. This allows users to share photos and videos created in the social VR platform directly to Stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Reels found their way into Instagram after social media app TikTok became hugely successful with short videos. TikTok is backed by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, which has also been competing with Meta in the VR market since acquiring Pico and releasing the Pico 4 mobile VR headset.


While it is currently quite quiet around Pico, Meta also presented a new mobile VR headset alongside a number of new VR games at the Meta Gaming Showcase. With the Meta Quest 3, the company heralds the next headset generation.

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