Weekly Recap: Future technology helps future technology

Weekly Recap: Future technology helps future technology

A look back at the computer future: Deepmind continues to work on realizing its thesis: As a tool, artificial intelligence can accelerate science.

Image: Deepmind

Artificial intelligence already plays a big role in our everyday lives, whether it's in our smartphones, when we apply for a loan or click around on YouTube. But it could have a much greater impact on our lives - at least indirectly: by accelerating the progress of other sciences. There are many examples of this, for example in materials science or mathematics.

Now Deepmind introduces its latest project, which does just that: artificial intelligence for nuclear fusion. AI is expected to help develop new reactor concepts by optimizing and controlling the various control components. In this way, two technologies that have been considered the technology of the future for decades could help each other deliver on their promises for the benefit of humanity.

>> Deepmind: AI to improve nuclear fusion

Future of computers now!

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👨‍🔬👩‍🔬 of the week: Would you have recognized it?


A study reveals that people are bad at identifying deepfakes - even if they know what to look for. What's more, the test subjects attribute a higher level of trustworthiness to deepfake images.

>> People don't recognize deepfakes - and trust them more

Something 💓 to finish

Nevermet-Profile mit Avataren auf drei Smartphone-Bildschirmen.

Image: Cheerio

Love and sex: it has to exist in the Metaverse. Curtain up for the dating app Nevermet.

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