Perceptus: AI object recognition for perceptual superpowers

Perceptus: AI object recognition for perceptual superpowers

Perceptus is a powerful new computer vision system that could be used in AR glasses.

Computer vision is a key technology of augmented reality: It enables computers to perceive space and to recognize and semantically classify objects. Only on this basis can physical reality be extended by digital elements in a useful way.

After three years of secret research and development, the US start-up Singulos Research is presenting its own, particularly flexible CV system: Perceptus is supposed to be able to detect and track objects in space even if they are moving, regardless of fluctuating lighting conditions, changing perspectives and irregular camera movements.

Dynamic object detection

This is not something that can be taken for granted. A Lego brick, for example, can look very different depending on the viewing angle. What is no problem for humans is a major challenge for artificial intelligence: It must acquire a three-dimensional idea of the perceived object and maintain it across a time axis and changing perspectives.

Perceptus is optimized for mobile chips and runs on all recent smartphones, tablets, and VR and AR glasses that use mobile chips. The computations bypass the cloud and happen locally on the devices, which has two advantages: It's fast and it protects the privacy of the users.

Super-perception thanks to AR glasses

In a video (see below, starting halfway through), the startup shows three exemplary applications. In the first scenario, Perceptus identifies and counts a field of scattered Lego bricks while the camera moves. In the second demo, the artificial intelligence checks whether all the screws needed to assemble a piece of furniture are present.


The third application shows an AR chess game. The CV system recognizes chess pieces as well as their position and projects them onto the chess board of another player sitting in a different location.

With better AI hardware, the technology is expected to become even more powerful in the coming years, and if the tech dreams of slim AR glasses become reality, CV systems like Perceptus could one day let us see like the Rain Man.

Singulos is licensing now and is already in talks with companies. The first products should be available this summer. Perceptus supports iOS and Android.

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