VR arcade game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine VR - Defenders of Avarax launches in October

VR arcade game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine VR - Defenders of Avarax launches in October

Zero Latency is bringing a new free-roaming VR game set in the Warhammer 40K universe to VR arcades this October.


Zero Latency has announced the release date for the Warhammer 40K game Space Marine VR: Defenders of Avarax. The VR title will launch in October 2024 in over 90 Zero Latency VR arcades worldwide.

In Space Marine VR: Defenders of Avarax, players take on the role of a Space Marine, a genetically enhanced super-soldier. While exploring the hive city of Fervastium, you penetrate deep into a vault to complete an important mission. This could help turn the tide and beat back the all-devouring Tyranid alien swarm.

A teaser for Space Marine VR: Defenders of Avarax premiered yesterday at the Warhammer Skulls Showcase.


Zero latency: Not the first license conversion

Zero Latency is a worldwide chain of VR arcades. They offer VR experiences for up to 8 players simultaneously in large gaming areas of up to 200 square meters. The arcades use cutting-edge technologies such as Wi-Fi 6E streaming to self-contained VR headsets such as the Vive Focus 3.

The company develops its own VR games such as Undead Arena, Singularity and Sol Raiders, sometimes in partnership with studios such as Ubisoft, which created Far Cry VR. The games cover genres such as zombie shooters, sci-fi adventures and competitive multiplayer titles. Players move freely through the virtual world on their own two feet, which greatly enhances immersion.


Zero Latency currently operates 55 arcades in 24 countries, and the number is growing rapidly. Previous Warhammer VR games such as Battle Sister for home systems have received mixed reviews. But with Zero Latency's arcade experience and expertise, there is a chance to improve the record.

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