Warhammer 40k Space Marine hits Zero Latency's VR arcades

Warhammer 40k Space Marine hits Zero Latency's VR arcades

Zero Latency brings Warhammer 40,000 to its VR arcades using VR streaming.

After action titles for home VR headsets like Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall, Games Workshop has now licensed a title for Zero Latency's arcades.

VR arcade chain Zero Latency is planning a new VR experience for its arcades. Warhammer 40k Space Marine will allow up to eight visitors to play simultaneously. The arcade uses local streaming based on the low-latency Wi-Fi 6E standard.

In the boots of a space marine

Players no longer have to put on a backpack PC. Instead, local PCs stream the game wirelessly to the VR headset. Ideally, this all runs without lags or jerks, in keeping with the VR arcade's name.

The 30-minute cooperative battle for the Empire of Mankind takes its cues from earlier Space Marine video games. Nothing is known about the content, except that iconic environments and characters should pick up fans of the setting.

In terms of hardware, Zero Latency plans to work with HTC's standalone Vive Focus 3 headset in the future. It has a slightly higher resolution than the currently used HP Reverb G2 (2,448 by 2,448 pixels per eye instead of 2,160 by 2,160), and offers a refresh rate of 90 hertz and a field of view of 120 degrees. An exact date for the switch has not yet been announced.

The size of the playing area has also not yet been confirmed. In other Zero Latency exclusive experiences, it is up to 200 square meters. The VR experience is also supposed to offer 360-degree sound.


Can Zero Latency save Warhammer for VR?

So far, the popular science fiction universe of tabletop gaming in VR hasn't exactly made positive headlines. The games for domestic VR systems mentioned at the beginning could only bring in mixed reviews. Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister, for example, suffered from monotonous enemy behavior and muffled weapon sounds.

Zero Latency has enough experience with its own VR productions for a better outcome: These include the apocalyptic zombie adventure Undead Arena, the space mission Singularity and the competitive shooter Sol Raiders. The VR arcade chain's best-known exclusive title is Far Cry VR, co-developed with Ubisoft and co-developed by experienced VR studio nDreams (Fracked, Ghostbusters VR).

Zero Latency's Warhammer experience is primarily being developed in-house - in Unreal Engine 5 and with support from game publisher Focus Interactive. According to current plans, the virtual reality experience Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is scheduled for launch in mid-2023.

In total, there are 55 Zero Latency VR arcades in 24 countries.

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