Refusal. Dichotomy. Focus. Peace & Heart education

Refusal. Dichotomy. Focus. Peace & Heart education

Xbox doesn't want VR, Apple doesn't really want it either, Meta is giving 100% to VR while chasing AR glasses, and peaceful VR games are just nice.

VR hardware

Playstation VR 2 is on something of a summer break. Okay, to be fair: The hiatus started back in March, shortly after the release. But at least Sony wants to fix the reprojection issues of the VR headset.

Microsoft also has projections - in the classic sense of a defense mechanism. Because the Xbox folks still don't want to believe in VR. Spoiler: The market is too small. Well, they are not entirely wrong.

One of many reasons is the fact that even after many years, VR can still be very hard to demonstrate if you are unlucky.

Meanwhile, Meta is working hard on Quest 2 (more performance) and Quest Pro (better eye tracking), as well as its next VR headset, the Quest 3 (more pixels).

I almost forgot about Apple - how did that happen to me! They just limited virtual reality applications on the Vision Pro (AVP). Is this really a reasonable decision? I doubt it. In general, some VR features have not made it to the Vision Pro yet.

AR is hard(ware)

Let's move from VR headsets that pretend to be AR headsets to the attempt to build real, everyday AR glasses. Meta, among others, is pursuing this goal. But it turns out to be difficult.

AR has been on everyone's lips since AVP, including ours, of course. So, what is the rest of the entertainment industry doing with augmented reality?


VR entertainment

Playing is nice. Moving around a bit while playing is nice and healthy. That's why an old genre of VR games is currently experiencing a small revival. If you prefer to sit and point and click, you should plan a session of Retropolis 2.

Call of the Sea VR on Quest 2 is also quite peaceful, but equally exciting and has a great story.

Education in VR and with AI

"Tell Me, Inge" is not a game, but an important experience. Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher recounts her experiences as a young Jewish child in a Nazi concentration camp. Thanks to AI support, you can ask her questions and have a kind of conversation with her.

Artificial intelligence news

European AI startup Mistral AI raises 105 million euros without having launched a single product. Meanwhile, Google Deepmind's RobotCat can control numerous robotic arms and is constantly improving through self-generated data. The image AIs Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, which are great for visualizing robot cats, are getting new features and updates.

Read more about AI at THE DECODER.

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