Apple reportedly didn't show off all of Vision Pro's features

Apple reportedly didn't show off all of Vision Pro's features

Apple did not show everything it has planned for Vision Pro. A report reveals what the headset could bring in the future.

Not all of the features, uses cases and content developed for the Apple Vision Pro made it to the device's unveiling, according to a report from The Information.

"It's possible some of these features may still be in development and will appear eventually. As a result, knowing what features weren't announced could offer a road map of what's to come for the Vision Pro after it goes on sale early next year," the report states.

Apple thought to include fitness

Apple demonstrated a meditation experience to the press (see hands-on impressions).

Many more wellness and even fitness apps are said to have been planned, writes The Information, citing former employees who worked on the device.

Apple is said to have investigated offering special face cushions for intensive workouts. The fact that the company decided not to show fitness applications during the presentation is said to be due to concerns about the external battery and the sensitive glass front.

Also, the content may just not be ready yet. Apple was previously reported to be interested in the acquisition of the VR fitness app Supernatural, but Meta beat them to the punch.

More immersive calls

Originally, the company was also working on an experience that would allow for full co-presence. Headset users would appear not just as digital personas in a flat window, but in 3D and fully embodied.


One likely issue, according to the report, is the Vision Pro's uncompleted full-body tracking. Among other things, the device has two downward facing cameras that capture the hands and lower body.

The Information claims to have seen screenshots of a Slack conversation between Apple representatives and developers, in which Apple says that full-body tracking will not be available at launch. But Mike Rockwell, who leads the headset efforts, has already hinted in an interview that the digital personas shown are just a "sneak peak of what they are really going to become over time".

Hand tracking unsuitable for gaming

Gaming played almost no role in the presentation, despite the efforts of App Store boss Phil Schiller to put more focus on games. Apple only showed how flat iOS games can be played with a PS5 gamepad.

One of the reasons Apple has left out VR and AR gaming could be the lack of precision in hand tracking, according to the report. Hand tracking, while great for gestures, is not the best choice for the precise interactions required for gaming, an Apple engineer reportedly told developers. Vision Pro relies on eye and hand tracking and, unlike its competitors, does not come with dedicated controllers.

Other planned features that have reportedly been dropped include deeper Mac integration and internally developed AR content. Apple only showed a demo of a dinosaur emerging from a portal in the wall.

You can read the full report with more details at The Information.

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