This VR game is Lovecraftian puzzle adventure for Quest

This VR game is Lovecraftian puzzle adventure for Quest

This engaging VR adventure with a Lovecraftian flavor is set in the 1930s, around the time of classics like "The Call of Cthulu" and "The Dunwich Horror."

Call of the Sea VR is a puzzle and exploration game for Quest 2 and Quest Pro. It begins with a dreamlike underwater scene with immersive audio and vivid color that forebodes what's to come. I awake to find myself in my cabin on a ship that's sailing to a remote land. I'm searching for my missing husband, Harry, who's seeking a cure for my strange affliction.

Atmospheric and intriguing

From the beginning, I can tell this is an atmospheric and intriguing VR game in the style of classic graphic adventures.

In Call of the Sea VR, I voyage to an island in search of my lost husband.

In Call of the Sea VR, I voyage to an island searching for my lost husband. | Image: Gravity Sketch

Before long, I set off alone, paddling a dingy to the shore of this long-lost and mysterious island.

Documents and objects I find along the way provide clues to solve puzzles. At each turn, I discover more and slowly uncover the path of the island's last visitors.

It's an intriguing story and a well-made adventure game. Call of the Sea's audio design is fantastic, with excellent voice acting in English, Spanish, and French. The graphics have an appealing, stylistic quality that looks good on the Quest platform.

While the graphics are beautiful, some scenes seem designed for an awe-inspiring visual moment, but I can tell the imagery is restricted by the limitations of a standalone headset. I'd love to see a PSVR 2 or PC VR version of this game that could add crispness and more advanced effects to add more realism. A flat version of the game was released on Steam in December 2020.


Should you buy Call of the Sea?

You'll enjoy Call of the Sea VR if you like classic graphic adventures, particularly if exploring a mysterious island and solving puzzles sounds like fun. I was pleased with the purchase. It might not be the right game for everyone, though.

Call of the Sea VR has a linear feel, making it feel more like an interactive story than a challenging puzzle game. That said, it isn't always easy to progress, and some puzzles require you to travel back and forth between a few locations to sort out what to do next.

Call of the Sea is an intriguing adventure puzzler.

Call of the Sea VR is an intriguing adventure puzzler. | Image: Gravity Sketch

Completing the game takes about six to eight hours, and there's only one difficulty level. For me, that's a full week of VR entertainment and worth the $20 price. To get maximum gameplay, try to avoid using the hints.

Call of the Sea VR is a fun adventure story, and I enjoyed it. As you progress, it becomes more challenging and more intriguing. However, you'll be disappointed if you expect a VR game with fast action and battles with creatures.

You can find Call of the Sea VR in the Meta Quest store. The flat version is available on Steam, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox.

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