All power to the arms: An old VR genre makes a comeback

All power to the arms: An old VR genre makes a comeback

Run, jump, and climb with your arms and hands: Acrobatic VR games are back. Here are three recent examples.

Who remembers Climbey, To The Top, and Sprint Vector? These early VR games challenged the dominance of teleportation and opened up new and fast ways to move with your arms and hands.

Thanks to the immense success of Gorilla Tag (more user ratings on the Quest Store than Beat Saber!), this type of VR game seems to be making a comeback.

No More Rainbows

In this 3D platformer, you take on the role of a demon preparing to reclaim his underworld from cheerful rainbow creatures. Use your hands and arms to steamroll through 4 biomes and 28 levels, causing as much pain as possible.

In addition to the single player campaign, there is also a team-based multiplayer mode.

No More Rainbows was released on June 1 in the Meta Quest Store.


After a crash landing, you find yourself on a cloud planet. In search of spare parts for your spaceship, climb and and swing your way through 9 cloud biomes and 75 levels. Achievements, time trials, modifiers, and a multiplayer mode add challenge and variety.


The colorful cloudscapes look beautiful, and if the acrobatics work as fluid as the trailer makes them seem, we can expect an unparalleled VR parkour this fall.

Toss! will be released on September 7 for Meta Quest 2 in the Meta Quest Store, Playstation VR 2 in the Playstation Store and PC VR headsets on Steam.

Outta Hand

You are a blue blob that was created in a failed experiment by Dr. Vendelvom. Since the scientist wants to exterminate you and your kind, you must escape from his lab.

Thanks to your extremely long arms and enormous elasticity, you'll be able to move effortlessly through the levels and deal out powerful blows by extending your arms.

Outta Hand doesn't have a release date yet, but is scheduled for release later this year for Meta Quest.

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