Meta Quest 2 & PC VR: A cult VR game returns

Meta Quest 2 & PC VR: A cult VR game returns

The unique VR game Virtual Virtual Reality will soon get a successor with plenty of content and new game mechanics.

The first part was released in 2017 for Google's doomed Daydream platform. It later found its way onto just about every VR headset and quickly gained cult status.

The VR game is a meta-commentary on virtual reality and artificial intelligence and shines with clever game design, satirical wit, and bizarre scenarios.

You slip into the role of a human helper who satisfies the fantasies and desires of super AIs in the virtual world Activitude. In the process, you'll get behind the scenes of the platform and uncover its history.

VVR 2: Escape from the Metaverse

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 takes place after the events of the first part and takes you to the Metaverse paradise of Scottsdale, where humans and AIs have uploaded and retired.

It's just a pity that the operators have run out of money and the servers are shut down. Your task is to find a way out of the simulation and back into Meatspace before your digital existence is erased.


The studio promises a full-fledged game that expands the universe of the first part, entertains for ten hours, and introduces new game mechanics. In the steel frame of a mech, you'll run, jump, fly and shoot through the decaying digital world while rescuing other avatars.

Soon to be released for Quest 2 & PC VR

Known for its quirky VR worlds, Tender Claws made its name after Virtual Virtual Reality with the immersive theater The Under Presents, in which you explore surreal environments with other players, sometimes accompanied by real actors.

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 will be released on February 10 for Meta Quest 2 (best VR games) and Oculus Rift (S), and on February 17 for SteamVR. The price is $30. A first trailer gives a taste of the adventures that await you in Scottsdale.

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