Meta Quest 2: The best VR games

Meta Quest 2: The best VR games

December 22, 2021:

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You bought a Meta Quest 2 or got it as a gift and you are now looking for the best VR games for the Oculus glasses? We're here to help.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all content listed here is also compatible with Oculus Meta Quest 1.

The following VR games are roughly sorted by genre and listed alphabetically within those categories.

For action lovers

In Death: Unchained

This VR game is a roguelite that you fight out with a bow and arrow or crossbow. You'll shoot your way through procedurally generated levels, collecting and buying extra ammo or tools, and facing off against powerful bosses. If you die, the whole thing starts over again - including unlocked improvements.

"Quickly put on the glasses and poof I'm in the game: It's just fun to play a round of In Death: Unchained every now and then. Admittedly, this is not a game that you play for hours at a stretch. But due to the sophisticated controls and the simple gameplay, I pick up the bow sometimes for a few rounds," wrote Ben in his In Death review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Phantom: Covert Ops

The stealth game Phantom: Covert Ops offers an unusual type of VR locomotion: You sit in a military kayak and infiltrate a naval base as a silent but heavily armed elite soldier. The goal: stop a dangerous conspiracy.

Silent action is rewarded by the game, but you can also master the missions as a Rambo offspring.

As my Phantom: Covert Ops review shows, the paddling has been excellently implemented for VR and feels particularly immersive, as in real life you also sit still and only move your hands.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Robo Recall: Unplugged

Robo Recall is an arcade shooter from Epic Games that was originally developed for PC VR.

In the future, the world is populated by robots. When the tinny comrades turn against humanity because of a program error, you start a recall program of the brutal kind: you process them by force of arms to scrap heaps.

The Quest port has the name "Unplugged" and not by chance: Without cables it plays a lot better. The Quest version has the same game framework and has only been scaled down graphically.

Want to learn more about the VR game? Then read our Robo Recall: Unplugged review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Superhot VR

If you haven't seen Superhot VR, you've missed out on Virtual Reality: If Mario 64 was the proof of concept for 3D jumping games, then Superhot VR (review) is the proof that Virtual Reality can offer entirely new gaming experiences. The two cult games are easily on par in this respect.

Superhot VR is an innovative mix of shooter and motion puzzler, a Matrix-style baller that you control with your body.

The port of the PC VR classic is excellent, and thanks to being cable-free, the title has never felt better. A buy recommendation won't cut it here: buy command!

Still in doubt? Then get the free demo in the Oculus Store.

Store Price
Oculus Store 24,99 US-Dollar

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners is set in the remains of New Orleans, three years after the zombie outbreak. Content is based on the comics and TV series, as well as Telltale's video game adaptations.

On a gameplay level, it combines survival combat and crafting with a good story and difficult decisions that affect the plot.

MIXED editor Max praises TWD:SS in his review, "Saints & Sinners is not a zombie game, it's a game about humans in a zombie apocalypse. The atmospheric world tells exciting stories, the crafting system is motivating, and the environment and characters feel alive."

Store Price
Oculus Store 39,99 US-Dollar

Until You Fall

Want to take on nimble foes with swords, axes, and club-wielding? Then there's no better choice than Until You Fall.

The name says it all: In this physically demanding roguelite, you'll fight increasingly powerful enemies. Should you die - and that's guaranteed! -you'll be reborn and can invest the experience points you gain in new weapons and weapon upgrades, making you more powerful over time.

Until You Fall doesn't have a campaign, but it does offer a near-perfect melee combat system. You'll gradually merge with your character and become the ultimate virtual badass.

Not convinced? Then read our Until Your Fall review or why the VR game redefines gaming.

Store Price
Oculus Store 24,99 US-Dollar


Roguelite Yuki proves just how much classic arcade games benefit from VR. In Far East-inspired sci-fi settings, you hold the sustained-fire heroine directly in your hand like an action figure. This allows her to dodge the sea of blazing gunfire much more quickly and accurately, with far more room to maneuver than on a screen!

Thanks to unlockable abilities, power-ups and upgradable characters, you'll become increasingly powerful.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar

For adventurers

Journey of the Gods

Explore a distant land filled with adventure and powerful enemies to avert a dark threat. Weapons include a sword and shield, as well as a crossbow.

You can also take the form of a god at any time and cast powerful spells. Diligent explorers will find valuable resources scattered around the world, which can be used to upgrade their own equipment.

Graphically and stylistically, Journey of the Gods is reminiscent of more recent Zelda titles and shines visually despite limited processing power.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Jurassic World Aftermath

This VR game is a must-have for fans of the film series. The plot takes place between that of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom. You take on the role of a hacker and smuggler named Sam, who is on his way to the infamous dino island of Isla Nublar. Your mission: steal valuable research from the ruins of the park.

Of course, the plan goes wrong: your plane crashes in the middle of the research facility and you have to find your way back to civilization alive, surrounded by dinosaurs.

You are supported by radio by a former researcher of the park named Mia Everett. She knows her way around the research facility, accompanies you at every turn - and has her own plans.

Jurassic World Aftermath is a narratively and atmospherically dense stealth game in which you explore the destroyed research facility, hack computers, salvage valuable research, and hide from bloodthirsty dinosaurs.

Warning: the first part ends with a nasty cliffhanger, and you'll only experience the full story if you buy both parts. You can read more about the VR game in our Jurassic World Aftermath review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 21,99 US-Dollar + 14,99 US-Dollar


Moss is a mix of 3D platformer, action-adventure and puzzle game. Here you guide the cute but defensible mouse wanderer Quill through a fairy tale forest and intervene in the gameplay with your hands as a magical companion and guardian angel.

You'll heave stones out of the way, stop objects in their tracks, and even manipulate the minds of feisty animals to give Quill an advantage in battle. Yes, you can even heal and pet the cute mouse. The game thrives on the relationship between mouse character and player:in.

You can learn more about the VR game, which will get a successor in 2022, in our Moss review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Song in the Smoke

There are few true survival games for virtual reality. Song in the Smoke fills that gap and more: hunting, gathering, crafting just works great in VR because the hand interactions bring a tactile quality to the gaming experience. Smashing flints together, guiding bows and arrows, and crafting weapons from simple components: It feels great and immersive when you're doing the movements yourself!

The VR game takes you back to a prehistoric time when there was no language and the world was full of magic and animal spirits. A story is only hinted at. Song of the Smoke is about learning to understand the gears of the world and developing survival strategies.

When it comes to scope, Song in the Smoke offers more than most VR games. Especially if you take your time and explore the sometimes sprawling areas in detail.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Vader Immortal: A Star Wars Series

Vader Immortal is, with Last Call, the best Star Wars experience for virtual reality.

You take on the role of an intergalactic traveler who is captured by the Empire and taken to Darth Vader's home base, the lava planet Mustafar.

There, you'll face the dark sithlord himself, learn to wield a lightsaber and the Force, and star in a full-length Star Wars movie.

For more Star Wars virtual reality experiences, check out Star Wars VR: All Games, Movies & Experiences.

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Price
Oculus Store Oculus Store Oculus Store 7,99 US-Dollar each

For sports fans

Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis is the best VR table tennis replacement thanks to an impressively realistic physics simulation. You can play against an AI or human players. Thanks to VR, you can save the space for a real table tennis table.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar

Racket: Nx

In Racket: Nx (review) you play cyber squash in a 360-degree dome. You stand on a platform in the middle of a circular arena. In one hand, you hold a holo racket. You use it to fire a floating ball at specific colored areas on the wall, from which the ball bounces back to you.

The goal is to clear all the colored areas in each level. Over time, the gameplay is refined with new maneuvers and special areas. In multiplayer mode you can compete with other players.

Racket: Nx is easy to learn but hard to master, physically challenging and a lot of fun.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar


Love Mirror's Edge and have a strong stomach? Then Stride is the game for you!

Because here you experience and control the game with your body instead of just sitting there and pressing buttons. Sure: Stride is also a video game and abstracts from the real parkour experience. But the experience is far more immersive and physical than on screen, and the closest you'll get to the real thing - without the risk of broken bones.

In Stride, you can do almost everything you could do in Mirror's Edge: Jump from rooftop to rooftop at high speeds and dizzying heights, run along walls in breakneck acrobatics, and take out villains with a gun or your bare hands. Even bullet-time and rope slides have made it into the game. Stride's repertoire of moves is vast and leaves room for plenty of improvisation.

The game offers three arcade modes in which you can compete with other players via leaderboards. There is no campaign (yet). More information about the game can be found in the Stride review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

The Climb & The Climb 2

In Crytek's VR game, you'll be heaving your way up steep rock faces in the style of professional freestyle climbers. Of course, you don't have infinite stamina, so you'll need to grab deftly and quickly and regularly add chalk. The higher the difficulty level, the more complicated the holds become.

The Climb is not for people with a fear of heights and a sensitive stomach because of heavy usage of virtual, artificial locomotion. If you still haven't had enough after climbing all the mountains, you can jump into the next climbing adventure with the sequel.

Store Price
The Climb: Oculus Store / The Climb 2: Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

The Thrill of the Fight

If you want to burn calories with your VR goggles, The Thrill of the Fight is the game for you. According to the VR Health Institute, you can lose up to 600 calories per hour while boxing virtually. Plus, the UFC boss recommends the title for boxing training.

Thrill of the Fight offers different training modes on sandbag, punching ball or dummy. In addition, there is a practice round with the sparring partner. While he still acts cautiously, the real opponents know no mercy. To survive here, you need a good punching technique and nimble footwork. In an area of two by two meters, you dance around opponents, dodge blows or cling to catch your breath.

The AI opponents recognize your weak points and react excellently to movements. They exploit a lack of cover ice-cold. There are no displays during the fight, but the result of the hits can be read on the face of the opponent. Just like in real life.

Store Price
Oculus Store 9,99 US-Dollar

For puzzle fans


This puzzle game is as simple as it is beautiful: You grab 3D puzzle pieces floating in space and assemble them into a given shape, which appears as a transparent template. The puzzle is accompanied by classical piano music and has a relaxing effect.

As the level of difficulty increases, so does the number of components and the size and complexity of the target shape. Once you have assembled the first shapes in a few seconds, the puzzle tasks later become quite challenging. Don't worry: there is no time pressure when solving the puzzles.

3D puzzles, relaxation and virtual reality: Cubism (review) proves that these three things complement each other perfectly. If you want, you can put the VR controllers aside and play Cubism with hand tracking - a magical experience!

Store Price
Oculus Store 9,99 US-Dollar

I Expect You to Die 1 & 2.

In this early cult VR game, you take on the role of a super spy who has to use telekinesis and smarts to get himself out of all sorts of sticky situations. The title relies heavily on hand interaction and offers an escape room experience unlike any other.

In 2021, the sequel I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and The Liar was released, which takes things up a notch.

Store Price
Part 1: Oculus Store, Part 2: Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

Puzzling Places

In Puzzling Places you assemble fragments of real objects, buildings, rooms, and landscapes into a whole. These were previously scanned and digitized true to the original in 3D using a process called photogrammetry.

In the game you sit, stand or move within an abstract room and see 3D puzzles floating in front of you on an invisible wall. Using the controller, you target individual puzzle pieces, pull them towards you, and assemble them with your hands. If they fit, they click together and can no longer be separated.

Over time, you'll gradually see fascinating locations emerge before you, such as the coastline of the French town of Biarritz, Mont Saint-Michel, or an ancient Armenian monastery. It's entertaining and relaxing.

Read more about the game in the Puzzling Places review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

Shadow Point

Shadow Point is more than just a puzzle game. It also tells a touching story.

You take a cable car up to a world-away observatory to find a girl who disappeared many years ago. Soon you realize that the observatory is a portal to another world.

As you search for the girl, you'll travel through different time dimensions and solve challenging puzzles that challenge your concept of space and time.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar

For competitors


Two opponents appear on raised platforms and fight each other at close range with futuristic weapons that materialize continuously on the sides of the platform.

The unusual thing about the gun battles is that the projectiles move through the air in slow motion. This creates a battle ballet reminiscent of Matrix.

As a Blaston fighter, you'll have to use the full space to your advantage, attacking from the front, back, left and right, bending, kneeling, dodging sideways and constantly prancing around the room to escape the projectiles. It's incredibly fun.

Read more about the physically demanding VR duel in my Blaston review, which is regularly expanded with new weapons, arenas, game modes.

Store Price
Oculus Store 9,99 US-Dollar

Echo VR

Looking for a competitive e-sports title for virtual reality? Then you've come to the right place with Echo VR.

Echo VR is the Ender's Game for Meta Quest 2, which pits two teams against each other in a futuristic cyber hall. In complete weightlessness, you have to dash through the room using your strength and thrusters, steal a disc from your opponents and send it into the opponent's goal.

Store Price
Oculus Store Free


Players take on the role of one of eight unique heroes and compete in two teams of six players in six arenas. The graphic style, shooter mechanics, and pace of play are reminiscent of popular arena shooters like Overwatch.

Heroes and their weapons are customizable, with special abilities upgraded and arsenals customizable.

The game features a variety of game maps as well as familiar game modes, including Refuel, which requires you to control a specific area, a capture-the-flag called Uplink, and classic Deathmatch.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar


You like tactical military team shooters? Then there's no way around Onward.


Build a squad with friends, choose your weapons and equipment, and fight against human teams on numerous maps and in different modes.

Your squad can only win through successful coordination and communication.

Store Price
Oculus Store 24,99 US-Dollar

Population: One

Do you love the Battle Royale genre and want to experience it in VR? Then Population: One is your first choice.

The game offers maximum freedom of movement: to gain an advantage, you can climb all buildings and objects, attack enemy squads from the air or build cover against attacks.

Special game events, seasons and a constant supply of fresh content keep shooter fans happy for a long time.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

For explorers of magical worlds

A Fisherman's Tale

A Fisherman's Tale is a beautiful Disney-style VR tale in which you play as Bob the lighthouse keeper and solve exciting spatial puzzles.

Space puzzles? Yes, because Bob's lighthouse exists in different dimensions where everything is smaller or much bigger than in reality. Only by cleverly switching between these dimensions and combining objects will you make it to the top of the lighthouse. There, the story of Bob, told with much charm and depth, is resolved.

Store Price
Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

Ghost Giant

In Ghost Giant, you take on the role of a giant forest spirit who helps Louie, a desperate farm boy. In thirteen scenes you help the mythical creature to cultivate fields, assist him in his tasks, encourage him and stand by him in difficult moments, so that a deep friendship and bond with Louie gradually develops.

When playing, the first thing that catches your eye is the lovingly designed environment. Whether it's a farm, a forest, or the town of Sancourt: The miniature worlds are reminiscent of the sets of a puppet theater and are wonderfully pretty to look at in their colorful papier-mâché aesthetic.

Store Price
Oculus Store 24,99 US-Dollar


Fans of Fumito Ueda should definitely not miss the insider tip Mare! Visiontrick Media's VR adventure takes its cue from the PS2 classic Ico.

Here, too, the player guides a mysterious girl through other-worldly ruins. Simply point your gaze at one of the scattered perches - and an electric bird flutters to mechanical puzzles, rail vehicles or crackling substations.

A minimalist control concept and the relaxed mood make the adventure something special - despite only about three hours of gameplay.

Store Price
Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

In this gem of a game, you interact with floating islands lovingly designed in the style of old cartoons and stop-motion films. The goal: find coins and hidden or lost pets.

Each world offers a variety of interaction possibilities and its character: There is a Christmas winter landscape, a prehistoric world, a coral reef and more.

The puzzles are simple enough that even kids can solve them, but require close observation and experimentation. There's no time pressure, so you can relax as you play.

The story The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is embedded in is touching: a grandfather takes his adult grandson on an imaginary journey back to childhood. The miniature worlds stand metaphorically for childhood experiences, in which the difficult relationship with the sister is illuminated.

Store Price
Oculus Store 9,99 US-Dollar

For fans of fat beats

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is more than just a VR game: it's a gaming and pop phenomenon and, with four million copies sold, the most successful VR title to date. There's no doubt about it: anyone who is even remotely into rhythm games needs to buy Beat Saber. And everyone else, too, actually.

Even before the big Beat Saber hype started, our conclusion was: "If you hit the notes, you increasingly merge with the music and are transported into an intoxicating flow state that makes you forget time and sweat. Beat Saber comes across as mature, rounded and plays flawlessly."

Still not sure? Then download the free demo from the Oculus Store.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is similar to Beat Saber, but instead of lightsabers, you'll be wielding firearms: To the rhythm of aggressive electronic music, you run through film sets in cool digital aesthetics and casually blow enemies into data nirvana.

Thanks to regular song updates, mini-campaigns, online leaderboards and game modifiers, up-and-coming John Wicks have more than enough to do.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Tetris Effect

Japanese game designer and synesthesia artist Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Lumines, Child of Eden) created a bombastic remake of the classic game with Tetris Effect, which is even more impressive in VR than in 2D.

The game features two modes: Campaign mode has you traveling through a galaxy and completing more than 30 custom Tetris levels on one of three difficulty levels, while Effect mode varies the game's mechanics using 15 game scenarios.

Each level has its visual and sound theme. The music always reacts to inputs: Rotate Tetrominos or drop them, and you'll hear a sound that blends harmoniously into the sonic tapestry. This works particularly well in the jazz level. Here, you listen to a jazz piece and improvise your piano sounds while playing - very cool.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar


In Thumper, you control a beetle-like creature on a predefined track and have to perform daring maneuvers to the rhythm of electronic music. Unlike Beat Saber and Pistol Whip, Thumper is best played sitting down.

The minimalist game design combines with the music and visuals to create an exhilarating sensory experience unlike any other. In my Thumper review, I called it one of the most beautiful VR games ever.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar

For co-op players

After the Fall

After The Fall is the spiritual successor to Arizona Sunshine (see below), only bigger, better, more brutal - and with up to three friends. Left 4 Dead VR? No other VR game comes as close to the PC classic concerning gameplay.

The setting is a historically alternative Los Angeles of the year 2005. Humanity is badly shaken: A designer drug has turned a large part of the earth's population into monsters, and at the same time a new ice age has begun.

There is no real campaign. Instead, you'll go on "harvest runs" over and over again, which are 20-minute shooter missions with an end boss. As a reward, you get a resource with which you can upgrade your weapons. This is also bitterly necessary if you want to survive in the higher difficulty levels.

"The short missions turn out to be a delightfully uncomplicated, action-packed snack in the first few hours," Jan writes in his After the Fall review. "Although After the Fall still feels a bit unfinished here and there and offers noticeably too little meat, I'm already craving the next run. Even with strangers, I had a pleasing amount of fun with the simple but successful arcade concept."

At launch still a bit meager in content, Vertigo Games wants to add properly in the future and develop the VR game permanently.

Store Price
Oculus Store 39,99 US-Dollar

Arizona Sunshine

MIXED editor Ben calls Arizona Sunshine the"best VR zombie shooter", which is made even better by the fact that you can experience it in pairs.

"Cool locations. Sassy spells. Dark factories and mines for that horror touch. Nuclear explosions. A huge dam with some very 'high moments'. Sophisticated, simple and completely satisfying interaction system. Great weapons with fat sounds. Masses of zombie victims to pick off. I celebrate Arizona Sunshine hard and simply recommend the game," writes Ben in his Arizona Sunshine review.

Store Price
Oculus Store 39,99 US-Dollar


In Cook-Out you move from place to place as a kitchen assistant and have to prove yourself all over again in sandwich making.

At the usually crowded counter you see what the customers want: a slice of white bread with ketchup, some lettuce, and cheese and ham. But please, in that order and nicely layered in the middle! Otherwise, the customers grumble.

Cook-Out unfolds its full fun potential in multiplayer mode. Here you can join up to three friends at the virtual kitchen table. Since no player has all the ingredients at their disposal, making sandwiches requires a lot of cooperation and coordination. Under time pressure, a crazy-chaotic snack kitchen feeling sets in.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar


Demeo skillfully simulates a tabletop game night with friends. Here, up to four players explore a dark dungeon at the same time by strategically moving their character across a playing field full of fire-dangerous goblins, wizards, and trolls. Choose from a handful of character classes with unique abilities.

Clever hand controls allow you to rotate, zoom in and out of the board at will, or get up close and personal with battles. The game can therefore be played comfortably while sitting or lying down.

Demeo combines co-op fun, fantasy role-playing, and gameplay to create an addictive mix. Those who wish can also play the title alone and control all four characters themselves.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

In this VR game, you and up to three friends take command of the U.S.S. Aegis at the same time.

Each player has an important task: The helmsman is responsible for navigation, the engineer controls the distribution of energy, the tactical officer operates the weapons systems and the captain has an overview of the mission objectives and gives orders to his crew.

In random missions, you'll perform various tasks by rescuing the crew of other spaceships, scanning objects in space, fighting enemy spaceships or sneaking past them as unnoticed as possible. Star Trek: Bridge Crew, like Cook-Out, is a great party game.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Walkabout Mini Golf

This little-known Quest diamond skillfully relies on what makes mini-golf so accessible in real life: uncomplicated fun. The mini-golf worlds are all designed so that even a beginner can hole out.

Walkabout is most enjoyable with up to four friends. If no one is available at the moment, there is a matchmaking system where you are thrown together with players from all over the world.

Walkabout Mini Golf offers a variety of worlds and courses in two difficulty levels. So, there is plenty of content. You don't have to walk much, as you can wander through the pretty course worlds via teleportation or fluid locomotion.

Store Price
Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

For strategists

Eternal Starlight

Eternal Starlight mixes strategy with space action and roguelike elements. As commander, you command a fleet of star cruisers in the war against alien forces. The highlight: You stand in the middle of virtual space and coordinate the miniature ships in real time - if desired also by hand tracking.

The 28 procedurally generated missions serve as preparation for a final battle. If you don't manage to win over enough allies, things will get tight against the all-powerful Kraya. As usual in Roguelikes, you'll have to start all over again if a mission fails.

For the fearless


Cosmodread was developed by VR veteran Sergio Hidalgo, who created one of the first VR horror games back in 2013 with Dreadhalls.

In Cosmodread, you're stranded on an abandoned spaceship whose crew has disappeared without a trace. Event Horizon and Dead Space send their regards. Your task is to explore the steel colossus and find a way back to Earth. Through messages left behind by the crew, you reconstruct piece by piece what happened to the crew.

It becomes apparent after only a few minutes that something sinister is afoot: Some rooms are infested with a strange, alien tissue that seems to be spreading throughout the spaceship. And that's just the beginning.

Cosmodread belongs to the genre of roguelites: After each demise, the inventory, the layout of the rooms, and the distribution of items and antagonists are rolled anew. As a result, each new playthrough generates a new, unpredictable storyline. This in turn motivates many hours beyond the first successful escape.

Store Price
Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

The VR port of the cult PC shocker is superbly realized and, thanks to virtual reality, the "ultimate version of the horror game" (see Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted review).

You take on the role of a night watchman who has to keep an eye on the main attraction of a pizza restaurant: Larger-than-life plush animatronics that make music and play with kids during the day.

The problem: the robots take on a creepy life of their own at night, wandering restlessly through the restaurant and attacking people. You sit in a surveillance room and follow the movements of the animatronics with the help of surveillance cameras. The goal is to survive the night unscathed.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Lies Beneath

Mae, a college student, returns to her snowy hometown of Slumber, Alaska, to visit her father. On the way there, a car accident occurs. Mae survives, but her father has disappeared without a trace.

Soon it turns out that everything is wrong with the sleepy nest on the edge of civilization and monsters are up to mischief. In the role of Mae you shoot, fight and puzzle your way through the sinister threat.

What sets Lies Beneath apart from the competition is its comic book aesthetic. Between major sections you'll flip through a comic book illustrating the story, narrative elements float as text boxes in the environment, and the world and enemies themselves look like they fell out of a comic book. This gives you the feeling of being part of a retro horror comic.

Store Price
Oculus Store 29,99 US-Dollar

Resident Evil 4

You take on the role of special agent Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent to Europe to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the US president from the clutches of a cult. In a remote village, you have to deal with a horde of mutated residents and all kinds of nasty monsters.

Resident Evil 4 is considered one of the best parts of the survival horror saga and has been ported to a variety of systems. The VR port is excellent and lets you experience Leon's adventures from a first-person perspective for the first time - a new experience for veterans.

If you haven't played Resident Evil 4 yet, you're even luckier: The VR version is possibly the best, but certainly the most immersive version of the classic and was not for nothing named the best VR game of 2021. Good VR ports of classics, that should become a trend.

Store Price
Oculus Store 39,99 US-Dollar

The Exorcist: Legion VR

In the official VR spin-off of the world-famous horror franchise, you take on the role of a Boston cop who gets to the bottom of a series of supernatural cases and, against his will, comes face-to-face with ancient demons.

You have to banish them from rooms and human bodies with authentic exorcist tools. These include a metal-reinforced crucifix, vials of holy water, and a spray that disperses salts.

After my Exorcist VR test, I called the horror game a "borderline experience" that "taught me once again how powerful virtual reality can be." The reason: Legion VR is so creepy that, as a stress-relief measure, you become almost compulsively absorbed in the role of an exorcist, whimpering to the powers that be for assistance.

Store Price
Oculus Store 24,99 US-Dollar

For humorists

Job Simulator

Robots have taken over all human work. So that mankind doesn't get bored, it embarks on a simulation of everyday capitalist working life in the 20th and 21st centuries. Sounds like a good opportunity for a lot of black humor? Yes, it does.

With its biting social criticism and witty situation comedy, the colorful graphic style and plenty of hand interaction, Job Simulator has become a VR classic.

Those who enjoy it should also try the successor Vacation Simulator.

Store Price
Oculus Store 19,99 US-Dollar

Virtual Virtual Reality

VVR is a satirical commentary on AI and Virtual Reality, full of funny ideas. As a VR worker, you jump through the AI-generated worlds of various clients. Until a mysterious figure promises you a new freedom and you break out of Metaverse captivity. At least for a brief moment. Then you will be captured again. And the game begins again ...

Virtual Virtual Reality offers very different, varied mini-games in numerous levels that are artfully woven together via an exciting storyline. Combined with the sophisticated storytelling, you'll be entertained for hours.

Store Price
Oculus Store 14,99 US-Dollar

For those who like to experiment

Hand Physics Lab

The name says it all: Hand Physics Lab is a smorgasbord of exciting hand tracking experiments that playfully explore the possibilities of the new, controller-less form of interaction in all directions.

The game offers two game modes: a campaign, in which you solve 85 entertaining hand tracking tasks one after the other, and a sandbox mode.

What makes the app special is the inclusion of physical laws, most notably gravity. In one of the first tasks, you have to move cubes of different sizes to their destination with your hands. Small cubes can be held in the hand, while large cubes can only be pushed with both hands due to their weight. The physics simulation tricks the brain and makes the interaction feel eerily real. You get the feeling that the virtual object actually has inertia.

It's aha moments like this and the sheer abundance of hand interactions and mechanics that make Hand Physics Lab a fascinating and unique VR experience and downright hand-tracking wonder.

Store Price
Oculus Store 9,99 US-Dollar

Space Pirate Trainer DX

The base game is a VR classic and probably the most famous wave shooter for virtual reality.

But what makes the VR game unique is the arena multiplayer mode. This uses a new type of tracking, where two Quest goggles track each other in space.

If you find a playing area of 10 x 10 meters or more, Space Pirate Trainer DX simulates a room-sized laser tag arena on it for two people to physically move through. It's an unparalleled, unique VR experience.

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Oculus Store 24,99 US-Dollar