Flat Earth VR: New VR game is the "ultimate flat earth fantasy"

Flat Earth VR: New VR game is the

In the satirical VR game Flat Earth VR, the Earth is a disc and you set out to prove it.

The new VR game from XR tinkerer and Youtuber Lucas Rizzotto is advertised as the "ultimate flat earth fantasy." You'll hijack a NASA spaceship, enter outer space, and finally prove that the Earth is flat.

"The audience will photograph the planet as it really is: flat as a pancake," the game description says. On your way to space, you will have to overcome a series of complications to finally take a perfect photo of the Earth's disk and become "one of the strangest heroes of these strange times."

The dangers of virtual reality

The VR game isn't just meant to entertain. It satirically asks what form and effect conspiracy theories might take if virtual and augmented reality become widely accepted.

The ongoing fusion of digital and physical reality could have dire consequences for society. Manipulation on the part of third parties will become more subtle and extensive with this penetration, and could drive humanity even further into isolated individual realities.


"Virtual reality has for years been considered an empathy machine because it allows us to take the perspectives of others. But what if that perspective is delusional?" writes Rizzotto.

Flat Earth VR: Quest version planned

Flat Earth VR premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Rizzotto says he has been working on the VR game for two years, among many other projects. The developer has made a name for himself with the unique VR experience Where Thoughts Go and a VR time machine, among others.

Those not attending the film festival can gain access to the VR game via Rizzotto's Patreon. The current prototype only supports PC VR, but Rizzotto is working on a version for Meta Quest that he hopes to release one day. A 2o-minute documentary highlighting the creation of the VR experience is also slated for release in a few weeks.

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