Unbinary: New VR game has incomparable graphic style

Unbinary: New VR game has incomparable graphic style

The VR game Unbinary has a unique feature: its worlds and characters were drawn by hand.

In the future, a super AI has been chosen to guide the destiny of humanity. But before it takes the reins, it's up to you to test its moral compass.

That's the sci-fi scenario that the VR game Unbinary throws you into. Your mission: to traverse 22 simulations that the super AI Webby has created for you. Along the way, you'll find three masks that will give you new abilities and interactions to help you overcome this challenge.

Unbinary is coming for Meta Quest 2 & PC-VR

Another special feature of Unbinary: the worlds and characters were drawn by hand in virtual reality, giving the VR game a unique comic book look that is distantly reminiscent of Lies Beneath.

To realize this, the Brazilian indie studio Ludact used the VR app Quill, which was already used to draw the wonderful VR movie Dear Angelica.

Unbinary appeared on Steam in Early Access in March 2021. Now the studio announces that Meta has given the green light for a release on the Oculus Store. The finished VR game is scheduled for release in early 2022 as a full version simultaneously for Meta Quest (2) and PC VR and will cost $14.99.


"Critical entertainment" for VR glasses

On Steam, the title has just received a major update that improves levels, animations, and puzzles, as well as brings a new environment, new locomotion modes, and localization in several languages. Currently, the VR game is in quality assurance.

The studio is celebrating this milestone with a story trailer (see below) that introduces the sarcastic super AI Webby in more detail.

Ludact, the studio responsible for the project, was founded in 2005 and specializes in "XR games with impact." It designed immersive experiences and games for Sesame Workshop, Cartoon Network, UNESCO, and Volkswagen.

"Our current goal is to strengthen Unbinary as our flagship brand and solidify what we call 'critical entertainment.' Games that challenge players' worldviews while stirring emotions," the studio writes.

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