Avicii VR: Music game of the famous DJ comes for Quest 2

Avicii VR: Music game of the famous DJ comes for Quest 2

Avicii Invector lets you experience the Swedish DJ's music in VR.

The VR game is a port of the console and PC title of the same name, which was released in late 2019 for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows. It is a tribute to the DJ and music producer Tim Bergling, who died at an early age.

The original was developed by Tim's father Klas Bergling in collaboration with publisher Wired Productions and studio Hello There Games.

The VR port is coming out in a few weeks for Meta Quest 2 and includes all 35 tracks, including mega hits like Levels, Wake Me Up, and The Nights.

VR music game for those who don't like to move

For fans of rhythm games like Beat Saber and Synth Riders, Avicii Invector is less interesting because here you press buttons instead of moving your whole body. VR games like Tetris Effect and Thumper show that music and visual effects can also have an effect without using the body.


In Avicii Invector, you control a spaceship that travels a track to the beat of the music and must press the right buttons at the right time as well as skillfully steer the spaceship through gates. Each track has four difficulty levels. The tracks are grouped together to form a campaign.

Avicii was fascinated by virtual reality

Development of the original was started while the DJ was still alive, recalls Hello There Games CEO Oskar Eklund. "When Tim and I started talking about Invector, he was sent an early prototype of VR goggles. He was fascinated by the technology and the possibilities it offered," Eklund said. "We still mourn Tim's passing, but we came together because we knew this was a project that was very close to his heart."

All music royalties will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, a Swedish foundation established by Tim's parents that works to treat mental illness, among other causes. AVICII Invector: Encore Edition will be released on January 27, 2022 for Meta Quest 1 & 2.