Pico 4 does not offer native PC VR connectivity, but wireless streaming via Virtual Desktop works

Pico 4 does not offer native PC VR connectivity, but wireless streaming via Virtual Desktop works

The Pico 4 isn't for PC VR purists, since it doesn't offer lossless data transfer via cable. But you can use Virtual Desktop for wireless VR streaming.

The unveiling of the new VR headset caused disappointment among PC VR fans: Unlike its predecessor Pico Neo 3 Link, Pico 4 does not offer a DisplayPort and thus does not support uncompressed video and audio via cable connection.

There will also be no video streaming via UBS-C, Pico told us, although there are hints of cable-based PC VR streaming on the official website and on YouTube. The next few days should bring clarity.

As a reason for the lack of native PC VR connectivity, Pico points to the older VR headset, which is meant for PC VR players. Pico 4 (preview) is exclusively for mobile virtual reality applications, the company says.

That's not quite true, though, because Pico plans to launch a Wi-Fi dongle for PC VR streaming next year. Standard PC VR streaming via Wi-Fi does not yet work as well as the competition's, which is why Pico is trying out the accessory.

Virtual Desktop offers great wireless streaming and access to exclusive Oculus products

Until the dongle hits the market, Pico 4 buyers can fall back on an excellent alternative: Virtual Desktop. Developer Guy Godin confirmed via Twitter that Virtual Desktop will be released for the Pico 4 and the older Pico Neo 3 Link. Thus, nothing should stand in the way of high-quality PC VR streaming - provided that the own network offers enough performance.

Virtual Desktop does more than PC VR streaming: it simplifies working on the PC from VR, can simulate a virtual home theater (guide) for 2D and 3D content, and streams immersive videos in all conceivable formats into the VR headset.


It also offers special rendering techniques like Synchronous Spacewarp (SSW), which enables a smoother VR experience on weaker PCs or with particularly demanding VR apps. Godin already confirmed via Twitter that Pico 4 will support SSW.

He also confirmed that PC VR games can be streamed through Meta's Rift store, including exclusive VR hits like Asgard's Wrath, Lone Echo, and Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond.