One of the best VR studios just announced loads of new games & updates

One of the best VR studios just announced loads of new games & updates

Resolution Games introduces new VR games and major updates for existing titles. We summarize the most important news.

The Swedish studio is responsible for high-quality titles like Demeo, Blaston, Cook-Out, and most recently Ultimechs. The VR games are designed for collaborative play, take advantage of the medium's strengths, and impress with playful depth and ambition.

The excellent design has paid off for the studio: For the past year, Resolution Games reported record growth and fourfold revenue growth with VR games.

The studio currently employs nearly 200 people across three locations and has numerous new titles in development. Some of these were unveiled today at the first "Resolution Games Showcase," an online event broadcast on YouTube and other channels dedicated to new VR games and other news from the studio.

According to founder and CEO Tommy Palm, the titles and content shown are just a fraction of what Resolution Games is currently working on.

You can watch the Resolution Showcase in its entirety in the Youtube video below. Let's go through the most important news one by one.

Racket Club

Racket Club is a brand new multiplayer title that takes inspiration from sports like racquetball, squash and tennis to invent a new sport developed from the ground up for virtual reality. The VR game is designed for spontaneous, short and uncomplicated rounds of play with friends.

For now, here's a short trailer that captures the feel of the game. More details on game mechanics, availability and release date will be revealed by Resolution Games next year.

Demeo Battles

The studio's biggest success to date, the turn-based tabletop role-playing game Demeo (review), was supposed to get a PVP mode this year. This was recently postponed to 2023.

In an arena, you choose from a range of hero classes, maps and AI monsters and plunge into battle against up to two human opponents. I was able to participate in the closed beta of the PVP mode and had great fun with the skirmishes. The following trailer shows gameplay from Demeo Battles.

It is unclear whether Demeo Battles is still planned as a PVP mode or as a standalone game. Resolution Games did not comment when asked.

Spatial Ops

Resolution Games is pioneering with Spatial Ops, releasing the first competitive multiplayer shooter for Mixed Reality.

Using a Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro, you will transform physical space into a virtual laser tag arena.

"Players will map their world to create custom play spaces that combine physical and digital objects — and then engage in combat on those maps with their friends. From revolvers and riot shields to rocket-propelled grenades, Spatial Ops has no shortage of armaments to spawn from its virtual weapons locker as it challenges players to take cover behind objects both real and digital to dodge oncoming fire and deliver suppressing shots of their own in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag or Free-for-All gameplay."

The mixed reality game was first teased during Meta Connect 2022. Now, Spatial Ops is launching into beta. You can download and try the game for free via Sidequest, provided you have friends with Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro and enough space to play.

Demeo: Reign of Madness

Also today, the fifth adventure for Demeo called Reign of Madness is released.

It takes the group of heroes to the tranquil town of Ends. There you'll have to face the insane Elf King.

Apart from new environments, enemies and map abilities, the adventure also brings a new hero class: the barbarian Uhrak, who carries a feared weapon, the Hook of Varga. With this weapon, the fighter can travel great distances, pull enemies towards him, rescue teammates from dicey situations, and pick up lamps and hurl them at monsters.


I had the opportunity to test the new adventure extensively in the past few days. I will publish my impressions on Friday.

Reign of Madness is the final chapter of the first Demeo saga. It sounds like more sagas might appear in the future. Resolution Games does not want to comment on this. In any case, I hope for many new adventures from the kingdom of Helmaar.

The fifth adventure is free, just like the other three that have been added through updates over the last year and a half. To reflect the increased scope of the VR game, the price of the game will be increased. Starting January 12, 2023, Demeo will cost $39.99 across all platforms. Those considering a purchase can get the VR game for the lower price of $29.99 until that date.

Reign of Madness is now available for download from the Meta Quest Store and Steam, with the update coming soon to the Pico Store.

And there's one more piece of Demeo news: the 2D version of the game, Demeo: PC Edition, is leaving Early Access status today and will be released for the Steam Deck and on the Epic Games Store. The game supports cross-play across all platforms, including VR. This means you can play Demeo with friends who don't have VR headsets.

Blaston: Free to Play Update

Earlier this year, Resolution Games raised the price of the PVP shooter from $9.99 to $19.99 due to a slew of new free content and features like Passthrough mode since its release.

Now, the studio is taking another stab at making Blaston a free-to-play title. Yes, you read that right: Blaston is now a free-to-play title. Those who purchased the VR game before December 15 will receive two exclusive skins worth more than $50, as well as 1,160 units of in-game currency to spend.

The free-to-play update, released today, also brings the following:

  • New attachments and skins for weapons,
  • a revamped in-game store,
  • an improved pass-through mode with Meta Quest 2 and
  • color passthrough with Meta Quest Pro.

Blaston is available in the Meta Quest Store and on Steam, and in the Pico Store for Pico Neo 3 Link and Pico 4 starting in early 2023.

Want to learn more about the movement-intensive and tactically challenging VR game? Then read my Blaston review.

Bait: Fishin' Buddies Update

The fishing sim from 2016, which was downloaded well over 10 million times, is one of the studio's first games. Today, it receives its first major content update.

The update makes Bait multiplayer capable. Those with a Meta Quest 2 can visit Penguin Point with up to three friends and fish together. Also new is Casters Cove, where up to twelve players can participate in competitive mini-games at the same time.

Bait is available for free in the Meta Quest Store.

Ultimechs: Season 2

The studio's latest VR game, an action-packed mix of Rocket League and lightning-fast, rocket-fist shooting mechs, was released on September 15, 2022.

Today, the competitive free-to-play title launches its second season. The corresponding update also brings an arcade mode that plays faster and more action-packed, as well as new cosmetic items for your Ultimech.

Ultimechs is available in the Meta Quest Store, on Steam and in the Pico Store.