Demeo studio turns the apartment into an AR shooter with Spatial Ops

Demeo studio turns the apartment into an AR shooter with Spatial Ops

Spatial Ops for Quest Pro and Quest 2 mixes real-world environments with computer graphics to create an intense AR shooter, almost like laser tag.

We expect creative concepts from Demeo developer Resolution Games. The latest of these transforms real hallways or winding offices into an augmented reality game. Similar to laser tag, players move through the same physical space (co-location) shooting down the opposing team.

Here, however, they wear a Quest 2 (review) or a Quest Pro (info) on their heads. Participants see the camera image of their surroundings (video view), digitally augmented with various firearms and cover.

AR shooter for Quest 2 and Quest Pro

This creates a true tactical shooter in AR. Small teams carefully stalk each other with a shield in hand, build large virtual cover on the ground, and engage in shootouts. The game even fades in the armor of other participants.

Users of the new Meta Quest Pro have the advantage of seeing a sharper and more colorful image of the environment. The video view here is finally higher quality, as the image of higher resolution tracking cameras is mixed with that of a color camera.

The Quest Pro's controllers could also bring small advantages in hectic moments. They track themselves independently in the room with integrated sensors, even without direct visual contact with the cameras of the Meta Quest Pro. This theoretically makes them detectable even in awkward positions or low-light conditions.

Meta's "Shared Spatial Anchors API" programming interface is used as the technical foundation. The company explained the background at its own Connect event - in presentations on future "Mixed Reality Experiences" that will be created with the help of Meta's Presence Platform. The design head for local multiplayer games Ata Dogan already gave a small glimpse of concept scenes on Twitter.

Spatial Ops turns the home into an AR game

Resolution Games already showed sniper rifles, machine guns, a bazooka, two-handed pistols, and revolvers. Additionally, the special forces throw grenades and tactical gadgets like an area healer for the team.

The principle is reminiscent of the late-added arena mode from Space Pirate Trainer. There, players fight in a real hall, but only see computer graphics. The real walls turn into sci-fi walls, real friends into space pirates.

In the Arena mode of Space Pirate Trainer, users can even connect online for a match, even if they are in different locations. The important thing is that both are on an equally large, free playing area.

It is unclear whether the new Spatial Ops from Resolution Games will also offer such an online game. A release date is also unknown, as the game is in an early concept phase.

Demeo also gets an AR mode

Additionally, the hit VR role-playing game Demeo (review) is also getting an update for passthrough AR. Users of Quest Pro or Quest 2 place the virtual game board on a real table at the beginning of a round and see the image of the real environment all around. A corresponding update will be available on October 25, the launch of the new Quest Pro VR headset.

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