Meta Quest: The Faceless Lady by Eli Roth takes you into the VR horror world of an Irish castle

Meta Quest: The Faceless Lady by Eli Roth takes you into the VR horror world of an Irish castle

Meta Horizon Worlds presents the VR horror series The Faceless Lady by Eli Roth: Explore Kilolc Castle and discover the secrets hidden behind its walls.


Director Eli Roth, known for his horror films, presents his latest VR horror show called The Faceless Lady in Meta Horizon Worlds. The six-part series is inspired by Irish folklore and takes place at Kilolc Castle in the Irish countryside. Three young couples are invited by the mysterious owner to compete for the castle in a series of historical games. Little do they know that a tragic ghost haunts the castle, and more than just the castle is at stake.

The first two episodes of the series, written by Jerome Velinsky and directed by John William Ross, are already available. More episodes will follow each Thursday. The series offers a stereoscopic 3D experience that immerses you in the story. You experience the horror and atmosphere up close. The contest format serves as a framework in which each game reveals more about the story and the castle.


VR horror is also available in interactive form

Eli Roth has spoken positively about virtual reality on several occasions and sees enormous storytelling potential in the technology. The Faceless Lady is Roth's third VR horror project. It's six times longer than his previous films Trick-VR-Treat and Be Mine.

In addition to cinematic VR horror experiences like The Faceless Lady, there are also games that focus on the horror genre. One example is Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire by Schell Games, which will be released this year for the Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro.


In Silent Slayer, you must carefully open powerful vampires' coffins, disarm traps, and use a mystical book to help you kill them. Jump scares add to the excitement, and a little puppet watches your movements and acts as an alarm. Actions that are too quick or careless will wake the vampire.

Schell Games is known for tricky puzzles that are ideally suited for virtual reality. With the I Expect You To Die series, the studio has created a fun puzzle game trilogy in the style of classic spy movies.

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