Hostel director Eli Roth launches VR horror flick for Quest 2

Hostel director Eli Roth launches VR horror flick for Quest 2

Meta and director Eli Roth launch a VR horror flick on Quest 2 just in time for Halloween.

Hollywood director Eli Roth, who rose to fame with shockers like Cabin Fever and Hostel in the early 2000s, is bringing a horror VR movie to Meta Quest (2). "Haunted House: Trick VR Treat" will be available through Horizon Worlds and Meta Quest TV. On the Meta Quest blog, Roth, who is responsible for writing and directing, talks about his experience with VR films.

Old-school creepiness in virtual reality

The 180-degree video Haunted House: Trick VR Treat is meant to pay homage to classic scary movies and play on popular Halloween clichés like haunted houses and trick-or-treating. Viewers find themselves in a rundown dollhouse where reality and nightmare merge. Roth's VR horror will star Vanessa Hudgens and Will Sasso.


In an interview with Meta, Roth explained that he had been experimenting with VR films since 2018. However, he has not been able to implement his ideas because virtual reality was used by too few people to justify the cost. With the Meta Quest 2 and the advancement of VR technology, this is now different, he said.


VR movies: Not all genres are suitable

Still, a conversion to virtual reality is not equally suited to all film genres. " But because VR is a new medium we’re still figuring out what works. I’ve watched dramas in VR with great actors and they’re so boring," Roth said.

Good horror, on the other hand, lends itself perfectly to VR. "I don’t begrudge anyone’s attempts to try something cool, I just prefer to watch fun stuff in a headset, and well-done horror is always fun. I love a great kill."

Roth's thirty-minute VR movie will premiere on Horizon Worlds on October 21 at 3 a.m. (6 p.m. PT) and will be available afterwards via the Meta Quest TV app.

Sources: Meta