Meta Quest 3: Every announced VR game that will not work with Quest 2

Meta Quest 3: Every announced VR game that will not work with Quest 2

More and more VR games are being announced exclusively for Meta Quest 3 and no longer support Quest 2. You can find an overview here.

VR games released on the Quest platform generally run on all current Quest headsets. This includes Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Only when a VR headset no longer meets the current technical requirements will the backwards compatibility disappear.

The original Meta Quest, for example, has long since outlived its usefulness, and fewer and fewer VR games run on Meta's first mobile Quest VR headset. The same fate may soon befall Quest 2, as it too is technically outdated and increasingly reaching its limits.

According to rumors, the Quest 2 will soon be replaced by a successor in the form of a Quest 3 Lite. The Quest Pro, which is largely irrelevant to consumers due to its high price, may also soon make way for a successor model.

As more and more major titles have been announced lately that will no longer run on Quest 2 (and Quest Pro), we have compiled a list of all the VR games you can only experience on Quest 3 in this article.

  • Note: New entries will be added to this article as soon as Quest 3-exclusive VR games are announced

Alien: Rogue Incursion

Alien: Rogue Incursion tells a new story in the sci-fi horror franchise Alien, set between the first movie (1979) and its sequel, Aliens (1986). The VR game is being developed by Survios and 20th Century Fox using Unreal Engine 5.

Alien: Rogue Incursion is the first Alien game to be developed from the ground up for virtual reality and is scheduled for release on Meta Quest 3, Playstation VR 2 and PC VR for Christmas 2024.

Batman: Arkham Shadow

Batman: Arkham Shadow is being developed by Meta's VR studio Camouflaj and will be released exclusively for Meta Quest 3 in late 2024. Comic book adaptations in VR are not new territory for Camouflaj. The studio previously released the Marvel adaptation Iron Man.


Not much is known about the game so far, and the teaser trailer reveals little about the content. The official reveal will take place on June 7 as part of the Summer Game Fest.

Laser Dance

Laser Dance is a mixed reality game that turns your home into a laser obstacle course. It takes into account the layout and size of your room and projects changing patterns of lasers into the room. The challenge is to cross the room without being touched by the lasers.

The game was developed by Cubism creator Thomas Van Bouwel and could become one of the flagship titles for Meta Quest 3. It supports a maximum play area of 100 square meters and will be released on the Meta Horizon Store in 2024.

Starship Home

Starship Home is a mixed reality game developed by developer studio and publisher Creature specifically for Meta Quest 3 that transforms your physical environment into a spaceship ready to fly into space.

You travel through hyperspace between planets, collecting alien plants in need of care. You'll also meet friendly aliens as you unravel the mystery of a sinister disease that threatens plant life across the galaxy. The game will be released in the fall of 2024 for Meta Quest 3.