Laser Dance for Meta Quest 3 will make you feel like Ethan Hunt

Laser Dance for Meta Quest 3 will make you feel like Ethan Hunt

Laser Dance will turn your living room into a laser obstacle course that will challenge you physically.

The mixed reality game dynamically adapts to the size and layout of your living room and fills it with laser patterns. Your goal is to cross the room without getting hit by the lasers. Whether you dodge, dance, or crawl across the floor is up to you. Either way, you'll feel like you're in a spy movie.

As the difficulty level increases, the patterns become more challenging. Solo developer Thomas Van Bouwel promises a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Bouwel previously created the 3D puzzler Cubism, a game known for its accessible design and excellent use of hand tracking.

Designed from the ground up for mixed reality, Laser Dance could become a showcase title for Meta Quest 3. The new headset supports color passthrough and room scanning, and the device needs innovative games that take advantage of these technologies.

Laser Dance supports big play areas

Laser Dance is a movement game that requires a larger playing area than your typical seated VR game. It is played between two virtual buttons placed on your real walls, and according to the official FAQ, as long as the shortest path between those two buttons is at least 10 feet, you're good to go.

The mixed reality game apparently scales with the size of the playing area and supports a maximum play area of 32x32ft. This could make the title even more fun in gyms and similar spaces.


Even better with upper body tracking?

It will be interesting to see if Laser Dance will benefit from the Quest 3's built-in upper body tracking, a unique feature of the new device that will be available to developers later this year. The game could then take into account not only the spatial position of the head and hands, but that of the entire upper body. When asked about upper body tracking support, Thomas Van Bouwel told MIXED:

"I’m very excited for that, I think it would have a huge impact on the gameplay! I still need to evaluate the accuracy and will need to make my decision on if/how to implement it based on that - but it seems to have a lot of potential."

Laser Dance will be released in 2024 on the Meta Quest Store. Those who own a Quest 3 or Quest Pro can sign up for a playtest.