Starship Home is a new mixed reality game made by VR veterans

Starship Home is a new mixed reality game made by VR veterans

Starship Home is a new game that takes full advantage of Quest 3's mixed reality capabilities and will be exclusive to the new headset.


The young studio Creature has announced its first game. It describes Starship Home as follows:

Turn your home into a starship, then turn your starship into a home! Starship Home empowers you to transform your physical environment (viewed through the passthrough cameras) into a starship ready to launch into the stars. Players will travel through hyperspace between planets, gather alien plants needing care, and receive transmissions from friendly aliens, all while unravelling the mystery of a sinister blight that threatens plant life across the galaxy.

The mixed reality game places virtual windows, control panels, and other components in appropriate locations in your home and on walls. You fly around the galaxy using an interactive star chart. You can use an airlock to bring alien flora into the interior of your spaceship cabin and decorate it to your heart's content. But the plants are not just decoration, they can also trigger interactive "dreams"…

Starship Home will be released in fall 2024 for Meta Quest 3.



A mixed reality game from VR veterans

After First Encounters and Townsmen VR, Starship Home is the third game in the Quest Store that is only available for Quest 3 and not for older Quest headsets.

It uses the Quest 3's room scanning feature to create a mesh of your home into which the virtual elements are placed. Similar mixed reality experiences include Cryptic Cabinet and Prepare to Dive.

Creature is a studio and games label founded in 2023 by VR veterans. Leading the charge are Mark Schramm (Superhot VR, Gravity Lab), Ashley Pinnick (Tilt Brush, Slimeball) and Doug North Cook (Among Us VR, No More Rainbows, The Last Clockwinder).