Meta Quest (2): Use this tool to organize your VR apps

Meta Quest (2): Use this tool to organize your VR apps

Meta Quest 2's app management leaves something to be desired. A tool called Pi Launcher remedies this.

Those who use the Meta Quest regularly and with many VR apps know: the app drawer is anything but optimal. Uninstalled VR apps appear in the default view, but you cannot remove them. If you only display installed VR apps, the VR headset eventually automatically switches back to the standard view. An annoying bug.

If you want to see and launch VR apps from unknown sources like Sidequest, you have to open another app category manually. There is also no way to organize VR apps independently or to display them in a certain order. The VR apps that were opened last are always at the top of the list.

The Pi Launcher creates order

Imagine if your PC desktop or smartphone would organize icons according to this logic and not let users determine which virtual reality apps you want to have present. A good user experience looks different.

A tool called Pi Launcher remedies this. It opens a whole new app overview window that lets you manage VR apps much easier.

You can determine the order and drag and drop VR apps into groups like single-player, multiplayer, media apps - or whatever you want. Unused or uninstalled VR apps are not even displayed if you don't want them to be.


New Quest 2 app overview: This is what it looks like

The appearance of the app overview can be customized to your liking: You can choose the background image, adjust the transparency and size of the icons, and hide the names if you want. The following video shows how the current version of Pi Launcher works and what it can do.

Pi Launcher is developed by Luboš Vonásek. The XR developer leaks upcoming quest features here and there and created the Android app Live Scanner, which lets you scan objects in 3D using your smartphone camera.

You can install Pi Launcher on your Quest via Sidequest.

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